Techenomics and GO Resources to trial Liquid Tungsten in sustainable, biodegradable bio-based engine oil

Aug 16, 2021 | liquid tungsten

Techenomics and GO Resources to trial Liquid Tungsten in sustainable, biodegradable bio-based engine oil

Techenomics comes to the PilbaraBoth products reduce friction, lower operating temperatures, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions
Techenomics is working with high-grade industrial-use plant-derived oil developer GO Resources to introduce the benefits of Liquid Tungsten to GO’s renewable and fully biodegradable bio-based engine oil.

Should laboratory work and trials prove successful, Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says it will be a win-win for customers as the products are expected to work hand-in-hand to reduce friction, lower operating temperatures, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Techenomics, which distributes Liquid Tungsten throughout its network and exclusively to the mining industry, is working with GO to arrange potential trials with suitable customers, including miners and loco operators.

Australian-based GO Resources manufactures Super High Oleic Safflower Oil (SHOSO) using technology developed and patented by CSIRO and that is described as being the world’s highest grade industrial-use plant-derived oil. It is fully biodegradable, renewable and sustainable.

Plant-derived oils with high levels of oleic acid are in high demand as a precursor element in the production of lubricants, bioplastics, biochemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Motor oils produced from SHOSO are a genuine substitute for petroleum-based ‘fully synthetic’ oils.

SHOSO’s strategic advantages are the purity of its oleic content (>90%) and its fatty acid profile, leading to high oxidative and thermal stability resulting in a large versatility of industrial applications.

No existing commercial plant-derived alternative comes close to this level of purity of oleic acid in the seed oil.

liquid tungsten trial in bio based oil

These qualities and the performance of bio-based engine oil (BEO) made from SHOSO compared to fully synthetic petroleum-based motor oils have been demonstrated utilising the USA standard bearing wear test method.

The tests at the Advanced Fuel Center at Montana State University have shown that SHOSO meets the SAE 40 specification for engine oils.

They demonstrated superior thermal properties to other plant-derived oils in a Lincoln Navigator gasoline vehicle and a VW Passat diesel vehicle. The reduced friction in the engines of these vehicles saw fuel economy improved by 12 per cent while tail pipe gas emissions were reduced by more than 48 per cent.

Another advantage of SHOSO is that it boasts a ‘zero net carbon’ cycle as it is fully biodegradable while this renewable and sustainable vegetable oil product can also be grown and produced locally.

Adsett says Techenomics and GO are keen to work together as they believe the products have strong potential to be complementary.

“Our ongoing laboratory testing and trials of Liquid Tungsten in a range of applications and in various operating environments continue to back up the ability of the technology to reduce friction.

“The Liquid Tungsten provides a protective barrier on the surface of metal components and therefore helps cut operating temperatures, reduce engine wear, increase lubricant life, improve fuel consumption and decrease emissions.

“We now aim to work with GO to show the value of combining the products through a series of trials in the field.”

This work also coincides with GO continuing to develop a range of BEO to cover further uses in a wide range of different engines.

Adsett concludes: “The collaboration between Techenomics and GO Resources is set to test the ‘green’ resolve of engine and mechanical equipment operators while also benefitting the global push for a cleaner and greener future.”

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