Techenomics well-placed to serve mining’s need for predictive maintenance

Jan 21, 2021 | News, predictive maintenance

Techenomics well-placed to serve mining’s need for predictive maintenance

GlobalData shows this is an investment priority for miners
Techenomics is well-placed to serve the mining industry’s increasing desire and need for predictive maintenance to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

The global company’s independent, specialised total fluid management services encompassing oil analysis and use of Liquid Tungsten technology are primarily targeted at predicting maintenance issues in engines and operating equipment before they arise.

New statistics from UK-based data and analysis provider GlobalData provide encouragement for Techenomics as it continues enhancing and developing services and products to assist the mining industry meet ever-changing goals.

In a new report, ‘Global Mine-Site Technology Adoption Survey 2020’, GlobalData reveals that predictive maintenance is an investment priority for miners with 48% likely to invest in the next two years.

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It says that the drive to improve productivity and reduce downtime will lead to further investment by mining companies, large and small, in predictive maintenance for plant and mobile equipment.

The survey reveals that while more than 75% of mines had already made at least minor investments into predictive maintenance, 48% of miners expected to either invest in the technology for the first time or invest further in the coming two years. Further, 43% are expected to invest in predictive maintenance for mobile machinery over the same period.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett is encouraged by the report that shows the company has strong potential to help mining companies achieve their predictive maintenance goals.

“At the same time, this report represents a challenge for us to spread the message about our services and products and to continue developing them to ensure they continue to be at the forefront of driving mining industry optimisation through effective maintenance programs.”

He said that Techenomics total fluid management services that incorporated oil analysis and condition monitoring along with the Liquid Tungsten technology that enabled users to get more productivity from their oil and lubricants were proven performers for the mining industry’s predictive maintenance needs.

The GlobalData report notes that across the regions studied, predictive maintenance adoption was highest overall in Australasia, and this region is expected to see the highest levels of investment over the next two years.

sludge and soot build-up

GlobalData’s Analysis, Mining and Construction director David Kurtz said: “Further investment in predictive maintenance is critical for mines looking to improve productivity and reduce expensive downtime.

“The ability of predictive maintenance to collect real-time data from sensors on equipment and use data analytics to detect potential problems before they lead to machine failure not only ensures continued productivity of critical operations, but saves money in parts and labour and can even extend the life of equipment, so the benefits of this technology are considerable.”

Techenomics is continuing to develop technology aimed at improving the collection, analysis, interpretation and dispersal of data which Chris Adsett says is progressing towards the provision of real-time data.

“At Techenomics, we are in the business of data and we are committed to being at the forefront of assisting our clients in the mining, transport, marine and industrial sectors to use data from lubricants to predict maintenance issues before they arise.”

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