Maintenance a crucial component right along the value system

Dec 9, 2020 | liquid tungsten

Maintenance a crucial component right along the value system

Techenomics continues developing predictive maintenance capabilities
Techenomics independent condition monitoring, data management and Blue Oceans software services, enhanced by the addition of Liquid Tungsten (inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulphide -IFWS2) to lubricants, assist greatly in the all-important maintenance process and can predict maintenance issues before they arise, thus circumventing costly downtime, repairs or even failure.

There can be many value chains within a value system and if one chain is broken or not working to its maximum efficiency, the entire system can be compromised leading to poor productivity, higher costs or even system failure. Maintenance is a key component of many of these chains – from the smallest mechanical equipment to high-end machines integral to operations.

Any delays in any part of a supply chain can cause significant problems within the chain and along the entire value system and it is a similar outcome for maintenance.

liquid tungstenTechenomics serves as a maintenance manager for operating equipment, including components, engines, turbines and any piece of infrastructure that requires lubricants for effective operation. It does so with its highly effective condition monitoring processes developed during the past 30-plus years of specialisation and continuing development in this field.

The company’s CEO Chris Adsett said, “While many manufacturers and miners have been using smart technologies and applications in production, they’ve been underutilising these capabilities in maintenance.

“Historically, many miners and manufacturers have opted for a reactive approach to maintenance –  waited for things to break, then secured parts and repaired equipment as needed.”

“However, innovative organisations are taking a more proactive approach by leveraging onboard sensors and cloud-based applications to track equipment performance and better predict failure.”

Data is playing an increasingly important role in value chains and this also apples to maintenance, which Techenomics recognises through its commitment to developing and implementing data technology to enhance its predictive maintenance services.

The company is developing increased capacity through Internet of Things sensors aimed at delivering real-time data, cloud-based analytics programs and new software capabilities through the company’s Blue Oceans system.

By facing the technological challenges of optimising operations and boosting productivity with minimal cost imposition head-on, Techenomics is dedicated to providing customers with better value from lubricants, thus giving them a competitive advantage.

“This is a path were are moving along at Techenomics,” Chris Adsett said. Using data trends and complex algorithms, we can identify when a component on a machine might have an elevated risk of failure.

“The trend now is to connect the intelligent nature of the predictive asset to drive service and parts replenishment from the supply chain.”

In one way or another, maintenance activities can be connected with every step in a supply chain.

Be it transportation, production or storage, one maintenance failure can be felt throughout the supply chain which can have repercussions along the entire value system.

sludge and soot build-up

Transportation is an essential part of all supply chains and for this part of the chain to work effectively without any issues, a lot of maintenance must be done behind the scenes. To deliver materials or goods to a designated place on time, the mode of transportation has to be able to endure the route without a critical failure and this is where you hope that ship, train, aircraft and fleet maintenance managers have done their part to ensure a successfully delivery.

Maintenance is also critical in maintaining production, be it in industrial, manufacturing or mining operations. Rather than adopting a reactive approach and waiting for something to break until it is fixed or replaced, it makes much more sense to be proactive by having a preventative, or even better a predictive, maintenance schedule in place.

There are other components of the value system, such as storage, provision of energy, refrigeration or heating, warehousing, etc, in which maintenance is vital. 

Chris Adsett described the progress made in predictive maintenance as just the beginning. “The technology available today wasn’t available five years ago and this is driving rapid transformation in the maintenance field. You cannot afford to be left behind.

“Mining and manufacturing must move away from static maintenance schedules based on use or time. Instead, they now need to use data to drive decisions and determine when their equipment may not be operating at its full potential or may need a component overhaul.”

He adds that not pursuing the new normal in maintenance is simply nonsensical. “Making maintenance solutions more sustainable can add greatly to the bottom line of any operation.”

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