Data is a vital asset

Nov 18, 2020 | mining data analysis, mining industry, News

Data is a vital asset

Techenomics constantly increasing and improving focus on data
With data being such an important asset, Techenomics is continually undertaking research and development to improve the gathering of data, interpretation of it and relaying of results to customers.

CEO Chris Adsett says Techenomics aims to glean as much relevant data from equipment using state-of-the-art sensors, read the data using the latest equipment in certified laboratories, interpret it using experienced and qualified staff aided by relevant software and then relay results to customers using the company’s Blue Oceans reporting software, which is itself constantly being enhanced.

“These days, data is just as important an asset as the equipment itself because the data provides the relevant information gleaned from the lubricant.

“This can be likened to the work of a pathologist in interpreting blood using the data gained from a blood test,” he says.

Adsett says: “For far too long industry, and particularly mining, has not made enough use of data to empower improvements, reduce costs and increase productivity.”

Data is now a key component of optimising operations and this has become even more relevant with COVID-19 restrictions on the movement of humans.

In line with the digital transformation of the 21st century, data driven technologies, including data science, can radically transform how industry and mines operate.

In this regard, Adsett says that the gathering and interpretation of data is a vital skill for industry, and especially mining.

“It is no good just saying that the industry will recover and grow by doing the same things it has done successfully in the past.

“Big data in real time can bring many improvements to industrial operations and it is vital for operators to upskill into the science of data.

“This is not something that can be achieved overnight and nor it is a job that can ever be completed as this is an ever-changing field, however, it is inadvisable to be left behind as those that are embracing it will be best positioned to capitalise on these opportunities.”

An example of Techenomics’ commitment to data comes from involvement in DeepIoT, an Australian Federal Government Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P) developing a new hybrid wireless IoT platform for underground mines.

This world-first Hybrid Wireless IoT Network will integrate four major wireless technologies into a single platform aimed at boosting the safety and productivity of underground mining operations.

As one of seven companies participating in DeepIoT, Techenomics is developing a magnetic plug capable of providing real-time data for underground equipment which may also benefit surface mining. The project is managed by Roobuck Pty Ltd and Techenomics thanks Roobuck for the invitation to participate.

mining equipment data

Adsett says: “Better use of data will enable operators of industry and mines to make fast, informed decisions and provide the opportunity to optimise entire operations.

“With data and analytics, we can achieve greater levels of productivity, operational efficiencies and improve safety.”

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