KPC recognises PTTI’s contract commitment and work at coal operations

KPC recognises PTTI’s contract commitment and work at coal operations

Techenomics’ commitment to continual improvement of its services and products to assist PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC Coal) attain its goals at the massive coal operations in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, has been recognised by that company.

PT Tekenomiks Indonesia (PTTI), which has a number of contracts with KPC, including oil analysis and fuel services, has been awarded certificates of excellence by the coal company.

PTTI’s Sangatta team has received a certificate for achieving an ‘excellent’ result in performing fuel analysis services at the KPC operations. In describing the contractor’s work as ‘excellent’, KPC also provided a 100% rating.

The team has also been recognised as KPC maintenance department’s ‘best achievement contractor’ for the health, safety and environment program, recognising PTTI’s implementation and documents of KPC’s policies in this category.

KPC owns mining concession areas spanning more than 90,000 hectares in East Kutai Regency and up to 12 open pits can be in operation at any one time. The company’s Sangatta mine boasts one of the world’s largest thermal coal reserves.

KPC Coal

In congratulating the Sangatta team for its dedication, work and recognition, Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett said the certificates demonstrated PTTI’s commitment to delivering professional and high quality service to all customers.

“Extremely well done Sangatta team - an excellent outcome,” he said.

The CEO said Techenomics was committed to keep maintaining these achievements and continuously developing its services to meet customer needs and global industrial requirements.

He said that the oil analysis and fluid management services offered by Techenomics’ were important factors in maintaining and boosting productivity for the global mining industry.

“The independent, state-of-the-art expertise Techenomics brings to the table enables companies to stay ahead of the competition simply by analysing oil and managing fluids.

“As part of a regular maintenance program, this process identifies issues with equipment, vehicles and plant before they occur, thereby reducing downtime and resulting in cost savings.”

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PTTI’s methods for testing and analysis adhere to industry-best standards and procedures. Among the factors tested at KPC are ash content, carbon residue, copper strip corrosion, distillation recovery, sediment, density, sulphur, acid numbers, flash point, viscosity, water content and cleanliness.

“The contracts we have with KPC Coal and that company’s recognition of our work are indicative of the fact that Techenomics supports customers in obtaining maximum value from all of their lubricants and fluids,” Chris Adsett says.

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