Blue Oceans keeps customers in tune whenever and wherever

Aug 14, 2020 | Blue oceans Software, oil analysis, oil sampling

Blue Oceans keeps customers in tune whenever and wherever

Techenomics’ software package is constantly evolving
Techenomics International is more than just an oil analysis provider with its total fluid management service acting as a health check service for engines and mechanical equipment. What’s more this complete service enables Techenomics to predict maintenance issues before they arise, thereby preventing costly maintenance and downtime.

A key component of the service is the company’s online Blue Oceans software platform which enables clients to receive all of this vital current data from Techenomics experts without the need for human contact while also being able to view historical data.

In order to provide the best current advice for customers in the quickest time possible, Blue Oceans  undergoes constant enhancement and upgrading.

Techenomics combines software, scientific and chemistry expertise to ensure that the Blue Oceans ‘health’ reporting system is as effective as it can be.

As part of this process the capacity of the software system has recently been upgraded  to the cloud based MS Azure platform providing customers with even greater insight into how their engines and equipment are performing and what is needed to gain the best output that is possible.

Blue Oceans software

More capacity has been provided in terms of CPU and memory, optimising the capacity to provide data at all times in keeping with Techenomics’ global operations.

The system performance is constantly being monitored and fine tuned to ensure the best possible results for our customers and staff.

In addition to capacity upgrades, Techenomics has also added a rail module to Blue Oceans, which is particularly applicable to customers in Australian mining  as well as other industrial applications where rail is used.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says there are many components of effective, independent oil and lubricant analysis, which makes it vital to have an efficient reporting system, and this has never been more important than now with the unprecedented situation presented by COVID-19.

“When we do somebody’s fluid analysis, we look to provide them with a total end result. We use the oil analysis or the fluid analysis data but provide a potential solution or a sign-off.

“Increasing Blue Oceans capacity means we are able to better serve our clients wherever they are located. We are adding bells and whistles on it for continuous improvement.”

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