Techenomics one-stop Blue Oceans ‘health’ service upgraded and enhanced

May 28, 2020 | Blue oceans Software, condition monitoring, News

Techenomics one-stop Blue Oceans ‘health’ service upgraded and enhanced

Capacity and capability have been boosted and a rail module added
Techenomics is continuously improving its operations and systems to ensure customers get maximum value from their oil and other lubricants with this process incorporating the Blue Oceans online maintenance planning software platform.

Blue Oceans provides a one-stop online health check shop for engines and mechanical equipment where Techenomics combines the equivalent of a physiotherapist, a specialist, a GP and the pathology laboratory in one.

Through this software, Techenomics is able to provide accurate data to customers whenever and wherever based on the results of their latest lubricant analysis as well as the trending data from previous analysis. This has been even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic with travel restrictions and social distancing.

Upgrades have been made to the server and the database which means Blue Oceans is better able to support customers and more effective data can be provided quicker while a rail module has also been added.

The capacity of the Azure Compute Unit (ACU) has been increased from 100 to 210 with memory increased from 1.75GB to 3.5GB, which is now Dv2-series compute equivalent, and there is plenty of scope for further expansion.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett said this would help Techenomics easily identify ideal Azure configuration to satisfy customer needs, ensuring that capacity was greater than current computing requirements. “It will systematically be increased.”

The upgrade has also seen Database Throughput Units (DTUs) increased by 100 per cent, from the 50 level to the 100 level . DTUs are based on a blended measure of CPU, memory, reads and writes. As DTUs increase, the power offered by the performance level increases and the upgrade means that the Techenomics database will always operate at the optimum speed.

As well as making capacity upgrades and increasing capabilities, Techenomics has also recently added a rail module to Blue Oceans, which is particularly applicable to customers in Australian mining, Indonesian coal mining as well as other industrial applications where rail is used.

Chris Adsett said: “When we do a fluid analysis, we look to provide the client with a total end result and our Blue Oceans software enables us to provide this solution online and within a minimal timeframe. We use the oil or fluid analysis data and provide a potential solution or a sign-off.

“Most customers send their samples in, we then do the analysis and provide them with the data on the Blue Oceans software, which is interactive.

“They then log on, look at the entire history and do a bit of analytics as well as utilising our recommendations.

“It’s continually being updated and our recent work has seen us add more bells and whistles for the benefit of clients, enabling them to get more out of their lubricants, thereby reducing costs and improving productivity.”


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