Techenomics supports hospitals in COVID-19 battle with free condition monitoring

Apr 21, 2020 | condition monitoring, News

Techenomics supports hospitals in COVID-19 battle with free condition monitoring

Hospitals are at the frontline of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic and it is crucial that key equipment continues to operate efficiently and effectively now when it is most needed. Gensets, chillers, pumps and other mechanical equipment must keep operating to ensure hospitals can continue to carry out their vital work.

During these unprecedented times Techenomics is offering a free condition monitoring program to support the critical hospital auxiliary equipment.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says the mechanical equipment that hospitals use is essential but often unseen and taken for granted.

Chiller Plant condition monitoring

Chillers are used to service cardiology, radiotherapy, vascular and other important sections of hospitals while also playing a role in keeping food services and kitchens operating. Pumps are also key pieces of equipment while in more remote areas gensets provide power and are a vital backup should electricity systems fail.

chiller plant condition monitoring

“As hospitals operate at and beyond maximum capacity patients with limited resources in dealing with coronavirus, sudden machinery failures could increase,” Chris Adsett says.

“It’s all hands on deck for the treatment of patients and the servicing of medical teams, so it’s understandable that maintenance tasks are put on the backburner, leaving equipment at risk of breakdown or total failure.

“In recognising the incredibly important role that hospitals are playing and to assist healthcare teams focus on the treatment programs, at Techenomics we are pleased to support this work by providing free condition monitoring services for the auxiliary services.”

The condition monitoring offered includes pulling samples, providing an analysis and recommendations to keep the equipment operating.

“By offering this service we help reduce the possibility of unexpected failure in critical pieces of support equipment,” Chris Adsett says.
As a company, Techenomics is maintaining a high level of service to customers while taking all necessary steps to operate remotely as part of global measures aimed at preventing the further spread of COVID-19.

Despite the challenges, the majority of Techenomics’ total fluid management services can still be very effectively performed by highly qualified and experienced technical staff.

Under the current climate and where necessary some of the company’s teams are operating under the appropriate social distancing rules applicable to that country while other staff are working remotely.

The CEO says, “We do not have to be on-site or on-location to continue adding value to your business as our consulting and support options provide rapid problem-solving and professional care for superior results.”

Because Techenomics is already a vertically integrated business all of the outcomes are already available on the cloud while a number of videos are being prepared to replace face-to-face training.

For more information about Techenomics International visit or contact Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Freddy,; in South East Asia Siti,, in Mongolia Tumee,, in Australia Jason.Davis,, or in Africa Chris Adsett,

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