Expansion focus in Jakarta, Singapore and Africa as new decade approaches

Nov 26, 2019 | News, Techenomics Africa, Techenomics Indonesia, Techenomics Singapore

Expansion focus in Jakarta, Singapore and Africa as new decade approaches

Techenomics meets changing needs of an ever-evolving world
As the start of another decade approaches, Techenomics continues its development to meet the changing needs of an ever-evolving world.

After more than 30 years of serving the fluid management needs of the mining, transport, marine, oil & gas and power generation industries as well as other sectors where engines and mechanical equipment drive production, Techenomics is constantly focused on R&D, including improving the provision of data.

This enables the company to meet the fluid management needs of mining and industrial hotspots around the world.

As the 2020s loom large on the horizon, Techenomics is focused its immediate expansion plans on Jakarta, Singapore and Africa while continuing to extol the proven virtues of the inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulphide (IFWS2) which add value to the total fluid management services.

As well as being Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta is a major industrial centre and port and PT Tekenomiks Indonesia is upgrading its existing laboratory there to become a full laboratory to service all market sectors.

In this regard the existing equipment is being upgraded and new state-of-the-art equipment is being installed to ensure that the Jakarta lab can fully serve the growing industrial, transport and marine needs of the country’s capital through the company’s full oil analysis service.

techenomics expansion

The independent, specialised oil analysis of Techenomics enables operators of engines along with mechanical and hydraulic equipment to reduce maintenance costs and costly downtime by predicting lubricant issues before they arise. This facility, manned by PT Tekenomiks full trained staff, will also be distributing the IFWS2 products developed by Nanotech Industrial Solutions Inc (NIS).

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says the expanded presence in Jakarta would add to the company’s existing presence in mining and marine hotspots in Kalimantan as well as the marine stronghold of Batam.

“While attending the recent Mining Indonesia 2019 expo in Jakarta, we were encouraged by the amount of interest shown by companies and operators from Jakarta who were seeking to optimise their operations without going to major expense and while minimising their environmental footprint.

“We believe our enhanced presence in Jakarta will help these operators improve productivity and that this can be further boosted by using IFWS2. This will bring IFWS2 to the attention of the movers and shakers of mining, industry and transport in Indonesia.”

The Jakarta office will be re-modelled to accommodate new employees, including a new Business Development Manager (BDM) responsible for growing awareness of use of IFWS2.

The BDM’s role will also incorporate promoting the company’s increasing use of digital data to enhance its total fluid management services.

Another development for the company in South East Asia will be the establishment of a laboratory in Singapore, the region’s major container port and a significant industrial centre.

The new Singapore lab will be able to provide oil analysis services and will offer IFWS2, both of which Chris Adsett said would benefit marine, transport and industrial operators in the island country.

The IFWS2 nano sized particles, which are spherical in nature, act like ball bearings between metal surfaces.
By forming a protective micro-layer on metal surfaces, IFWS2 prevents these surfaces from coming into contact, thus reducing friction and lowering operating temperatures.

At the dawn of a new decade, Techenomics is also increasing its presence in Africa, initially focusing on IFWS2 as, Chris Adsett says, it makes an immediate difference to operators of mobile and fixed plant by improving the economics of operating.

“This will then lead to us establishing our independent fluid management services on the continent, including our comprehensive oil analysis,” he says.

Further Techenomics expansion – Techenomics has IF-WS2 products available in Ghana and will also be positioning stock in the near-term in Mauritius, Zambia, South Africa and Botswana.

As indicated by the focus on IFWS2 and the ongoing tests and trials which are demonstrating the effectiveness of this science, Techenomics is also placing considerable emphasis on making more effective use of data through R&D.

This work is aimed at gathering more data from relevant positions within the lubricant system, better analysing this data and presenting it to users in real-time.

“In these ways we aim to better serve the changing lubricant needs of our customers into the new decade,” he says, “thereby enabling them to improve productivity, reduce costs and minimise their environmental footprint.”

For more information about Techenomics International visit www.techenomics.net or contact Chris Adsett, c.adsett@techenomics.com; in Indonesia Freddy, freddy@techenomics.com; in South East Asia Siti, siti@techenomics.com, in Mongolia Tumee, tumee@techenomics.com, in Australia Michael Noncic, michael@techenomics.com, or in Africa Chris Adsett, c.adsett@techenomics.com

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