Engineering a stronger mining future through the science of IF-WS2

Oct 28, 2019 | IF-WS2 nanoparticles, ifsw2 lubrication particles, nano additives, nano technology, nano tungsten disulfide

Engineering a stronger mining future through the science of IF-WS2

Utilising the science of Nanotech Industrial Solutions’ (NIS) Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulphide (IF-WS₂) assists Techenomics to engineer a stronger future for the mining industry. The particles do this by providing extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-friction and shock absorbing properties to various lubricants.

These properties are created by proven scientific principles, which result in IF-WS2 providing higher efficiency as well as reducing downtime, lowering operational temperatures and cutting the overall cost of ownership, which is critical for heavy duty applications, such as mining.

Exclusive mining agents
As the only manufacturer of the submicron spherical IF-WSparticles, NIS has made Techenomics the exclusive worldwide mining agent for these products, which add value to the company’s existing and proven total fluid management services.

science of IF-WS2

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In approving the exclusive mining distributorship for Techenomics, NIS recognises the international fluid management company’s decades of experience in the mining industry in the mining hotspots of Australia, Indonesia and Mongolia as well as in other Asian nations and more recently in Africa.

Techenomics also distributes the NIS IF-WS2 product in its other operational areas, including oil & gas, marine, rail, transport and power generation.

The wide range of Tungsten Disulphide products accommodate numerous needs for mining and industrial activities, including in all sizes of engines and in all components of fixed and mobile plant that require lubrication.

Science creates unique product
Unlike many other additives, the science of IF-WS₂ sees the particles interact with surfaces at the points of contact in a unique combination of mechanisms. They don’t react with the surface, like most conventional EP or AW additives, and don’t interact with the sliding surfaces in the same way as legacy solid lubricants.

The multiple mechanisms of sliding, rotation, exfoliation and compression make IFWS2 particles truly unique and important to all lubricants, enabling them to perform better for longer in various applications.

Many benefits
With optimisation and productivity combined with cost minimisation at the forefront of the efforts of mining companies around the world along with other businesses associated with the industry, use of IF-WS2 has many benefits, including:

  • Significant reduction in wear and friction;
  • Extended application life;
  • Optimised performance;
  • Fewer service requirements;
  • Reduced energy consumption;
  • Improved operation costs; and
  • Lower fuel consumption.

Reduced environmental footprint
Another important factor in the industry is reducing the environmental footprint of operations and as well as lowering energy consumption, IF-WS2 also reduces the release of emissions by way of more efficient engines and operating equipment.

Techenomics is demonstrating these benefits through ongoing independent testing, trials and case studies which continue to back up the test results of NIS.



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