Techenomics and NanoLub Liquid Tungsten on show at Mining Indonesia 2019

Oct 16, 2019 | liquid tungsten, mining indonesia, mining industry, nano tungsten disulfide, News, Techenomics Indonesia

Techenomics and NanoLub Liquid Tungsten on show at Mining Indonesia 2019

As well as showcasing its traditional fluid management expertise, including oil analysis, Techenomics demonstrated the science of NanoLub Liquid Tungsten products during the recent Mining Indonesia 2019 expo in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The company’s stand drew plenty of attention during the four-day event at Jakarta International Expo and particularly tests demonstrating the qualities of the NanoLub Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulphide (IF-WS2) particles which optimise lubrication benefits, thereby increasing engine and equipment productivity.

Techenomics distributes the IF-WS2 products throughout its network and is the exclusive distributor to the mining industry.

The Timken test was used at the stand to demonstrate the IF-WS2 benefits and these tests proved popular with those visiting the stand as they proved that the nano particles limit wear and increase performance.

mining indonesia 2019

Mining Indonesia included indoor and outdoor exhibits which catered for the needs of each exhibitor. There were hundreds of exhibitors from Korea, China, Indonesia, Australia, Germany and Russia, including key mining industry players Mercedes, Kobelco, CAT and Trakindo. The convention  brought together a wide range of corporations involved in the mining industry, ranging from startups to giants, and attracted thousands of people.

During the four days of the Mining Indonesia 2019 event exhibitors are encouraged to bring their A game and present their company in the best way possible directly to prospective customers. Each company utilised  personalised marketing approaches to deliver their message, including Belarusian company BelaZ who presented their traditional music and singers to amp up the interests of prospective customers.

Excitement was thick in the air with each day filled with numerous unique performances, informative seminars, product and services demonstrations as well as musical interludes. Considering the size and duration of the event, organiser Pamerindo Indonesia did a marvellous job in effectively  managing the entire event. There was a mini cafe at every exit door, coffee shops such as Starbucks and some local vendors along with various shops to ensure attendees and exhibitors did not have to leave the premises to get what they needed.

Techenomics Indonesia attended the event and manned the stand alongside Techenomics’ North Asia Business Development Manager Sugraa, who stated, “Mining Indonesia 2019 provided the most cost-effective way to increase our business in South East Asia’s biggest mining market. I heard that this edition was as big, if not bigger than the previous one in 2017 which attracted 13,238 attendees from over 39 countries. This was a big show which attracted industry leaders and key players in the global mining industry, and showcased the latest products and services in one venue, the Jakarta International Expo.”

Techenomics’ Marketing Communication Manager Cynthia added: “Mining Indonesia 2019 proved an advantageous platform for business owners and decision makers to expand their brand awareness directly to the intended market in the most lucrative and cost-effective ways which successfully translated into profit and global recognition. Not only were we given the platform to showcase our services and products to prospective customers, the huge number of exhibitors also enabled us to build relationships or better yet, partnerships with other companies involved in the industry.”

The company’s Indonesia’s Business Development Manager Mr Freddy said: “Awesome – A place to deliver the information. We received very good feedback and hope to increase the business in a mutual manner. A heavy equipment condition monitoring program is something that should not be  avoided and oil analysis is a must.”

Apart from business formalities, there were lighthearted moments, including one observed during a coffee break at Starbucks where a girl from another company was seen trying to carry 13 cups of venti ice coffee by herself. The need for cold beverages during an exceptionally sunny day is fully understood but the girl looked quite surprised by the number of cups laid out in front of her and was puzzled by trying to work out how she was going to carry them all at once. In the end the poor girl gave up and ended up making about six trips back and forth. No doubt, it was all worth it for the recipients.

From what the Techenomics crew ascertained, the event was a big success for attendees and exhibitors – an all-in-one platform allowing companies to present their message and objectives while providing attendees with a large number of options.

For more information about Techenomics in Africa contact Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Freddy,; in South East Asia Siti,, in Mongolia Tumee,, or in Australia Michael Noncic,

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