Techenomics introduces the science of IF-WS2 to Africa

Sep 22, 2019 | ifsw2 lubrication particles, liquid tungsten, nano technology, News

Techenomics introduces the science of IF-WS2 to Africa

The NanoLub IF-WS2 particles keep lubricants performing better for longer
Techenomics is expanding into Africa and will offer NanoLub inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disuphide (IF-WS2) particles to operators of engines and mechanical plant. The science of IF-WS2 allows operators to improve the performance of oil and lubricants leading to longer oil life, improved fuel consumption, reduced wear and tear, less maintenance and reduced emissions.

ifws2 to africa

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says that with equipment operators, whether they be in mines, in industry or in transport, all seeking to improve productivity while reducing costs, it made common economic sense to include IF-WS2 in operating and maintenance programs.

 “At Techenomics, we distribute the NanoLub products throughout our network and are exclusive global mining distributors.
“Now we are delighted to offer the science of IF-WS2 to operators in Africa.”

Chris Adsett says the IF-WS2 products add value to the total fluid management services that Techenomics provides in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Mongolia.

“Our initial push in Africa will concentrate on IF-WS2 as it makes an immediate difference to operators of engines and equipment, and we are proving this through our ongoing laboratory testing as well as a series of trials in various mining, industrial and transport situations.
“This will then lead to us establishing our independent fluid management services on the continent, including our comprehensive oil analysis which can predict maintenance issues in engines and equipment before they arise.”

Techenomics has IF-WS2 products available in Ghana and will also be positioning stock in the near-term in Mauritius, Zambia and Botswana.

“This will give us a foothold in mining, industrial and transport hotspots in Africa and we can then look to expand the availability of the product, and our services, in other African nations,” he says.

Techenomics has already fielded a number of proposals for trials of the IF-WS2 product in Africa with temporary staff engaged to assist in this process and distributing the product in Ghana, and Botswana.

Techenomics has around 30 years of experience delivering oil analysis, condition monitoring and fluid management services to the mining, oil & gas, marine, rail, transport and power generation industries.

“Lubricants play a vital role in maintaining the overall health of an engine and the IFWS2 particles when added to lubricants, including oils and greases, keep lubricants performing better for longer, Chris Adsett says.

“As the science involved reduces friction and lowers operating temperatures, this reduces engine wear and tear, limits maintenance, enhances the performance of lubricants resulting in fewer oil and grease changes, increases productivity and reduces harmful emissions.

“The IFWS2 particles, which have been developed and produced by Nanotech Industrial Solutions Inc (NIS), give our customers better value for their lubricant spend,” he adds.

For more information about Techenomics in Africa contact Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Freddy,; in South East Asia Siti,, in Mongolia Tumee,; or in Australia Jason Davis,

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