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liquid tungsten

The photos above depict the final drive components from an excavator, one of the most important pieces of equipment in a mining operation.

It is vital that excavators be kept running in optimal condition otherwise the mining chain is broken and production targets are not achieved.

This excavator is used in a South East Asian mining operation and the operator includes it in Techenomics specialised, independent oil analysis program which assesses the state of components.

However, this important oil management routine can be supported and enhanced by adding liquid tungsten IF-WS2 to the lubricants.

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liquid tungsten ifws2

Adding NanoLub liquid tungsten IF-WS2 can avoid the damage indicated above as one of its main functions is to reduce the wear caused by the extreme pressure of bearing large loads. Using IF-WS2 reduces the build-up of deleterious metals caused by the reduction of the oil film layer on surfaces that are rubbing or touching.

The spherical particles create a smooth layer on the surface of the metal reducing friction and heat.

The unique Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulphide (IF-WS2) particles developed by Nanotech Industrial Solutions (NIS) and distributed by Techenomics help keep equipment running for longer, thereby increasing productivity while decreasing costs.

Twentieth century equipment is constantly required to carry out 21st century tasks as operators seek to boost productivity while maintaining or reducing costs. Even most newer equipment uses operating systems designed decades ago, including engines, transmissions and gearboxes.

An important issue these days is getting the equipment to satisfy productivity and optimisation demands. One of the solutions to solving this dilemma is adding NanoLub IF-WS2 to lubricants, including engine, transmission and gearbox oils.

This technology has been developed and is manufactured by NIS and is distributed by Techenomics throughout its network, including to the mining industry on an exclusive basis.

The science of IF-WS2 lowers friction and heat, thus reducing mechanical wear.

Contact pressure causes submicron spheres to release tribophilms that attach to surface asperities and smooth them, improving overall efficiency while extending machinery life and reducing maintenance downtime, and costs.

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