The Major Projects Foundation

Jul 26, 2019 | Engine Oil, Failure Analysis, fluid analysis, oil analysis, oil sampling, oil testing

The Major Projects Foundation

Major Projects Foundation (MPF) is a non-profit organization with a purpose to deploy engineering solutions to protect ecosystems and cultural heritage in the pacific. The organization commits to supporting conservation, research and education around environmental issues, sustainability and preservation affecting Australia, its coral reefs, the Pacific Ocean and its island community.

Sadly, there are over 3000 decaying World War 2 shipwrecks containing oil that possess an imminent threat to the marine environment, these ships include approximately 300 oil tankers that were sunk in the Pacific.

Approximately 50 of these wrecks have been identified as likely to contaminate significant eco systems when they break up.  They are 75 years old now.  Sub Sea engineers have studied some of these wrecks showing they are close to structural collapse. The oil tankers are just like ticking time bombs! It’s only a matter of time before one or a series of these ships burst and cause widespread devastation.

In 2018, the MPF founders purchased an ex New Zealand Navy dive support ship, they renamed it the MV Ocean Recovery, this will allow and facilitate the MPF dive team to investigate the likelihood and possibility of a catastrophic underwater oil leak that could have devastating effects across the entire Pacific.

The RV Ocean Recovery has 5 large CAT engines that have been closely monitored with the help of Techenomics. A number of oil samples were taken from different locations and carefully diagnosed, each sample was supported by appropriate corrective actions to guarantee that safety and reliability could be gained from the CAT engines to ensure safe travels across a broad and vast ocean.

Techenomics have always been genuinely keen to take part in such major environmental projects. They were able to contribute by assisting with a number of crucial tests to ensure MPF engines’ performances are at their peak to prevent any unexpected downtime during their mission. The RV Ocean Recovery and its team can now rest assured of its safe and happy voyage.

The RV Ocean Recovery will depart out to sea directly after a 3-month’s stay at the Sydney National Maritime Museum.

It is crucial to remember that the future of this planet is in our hands so let’s take a step forward together to save our planet by doing our part. If you would like to find out more or are able to help please see

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