US-based client building a case study based on IF-WS2

Jul 10, 2019 | additives, IF-WS2 nanoparticles, nano additives, nano technology, nano tungsten disulfide

US-based client building a case study based on IF-WS2

IF-WS2Jeremy Stevens is a client of Techenomics who is also only too happy to extol the virtues of the inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulphide (IF-WS2) nanoparticles that Techenomics is distributing and is observing the benefits in a series of tests he is carrying out.

Jeremy, who lives in Minnesota, USA, learnt about IF-WS2 from one of his acquaintances and has devoted his time to showing the product’s value by building a case study.

Techenomics and Jeremy have been working together to build this study based on use of IF-WS2 in relation to three Volvo trucks with an average of 1 million miles on each.  The goal is to determine the effectiveness of IF-WS2 lubricants and Jeremy’s work is producing some interesting preliminary results.

Progress has been delayed due to a challenging winter in the area, but Jeremy has moved into the sampling stage with the arrival of better conditions and he aims to take the trial to the stage where he can produce solid statistical outcomes.

Jeremy has quite a resume as an engineer. He started his career early on by joining the Air Force for four years, where he developed his passion for engines and machines. He has continued to work in this area with Volvo for 14 years in total and is now hoping to start his own business to give him more time to spend with his family and his hobbies.

Beside his love for engineering, Jeremy has productive hobbies which help him balance his busy schedule and stress, including coaching the sport teams of his daughter and son. His love for sports has given him the opportunity to be a coach and assistant coach for lacrosse and football teams.

That sounds like a busy enough schedule, but there is even more for Jeremy, who has built a guitar from scratch and taught himself to play the instrument.

In the little remaining free time that he has, he’s still pushing himself to be active by restoring a 1981 Chevrolet for his son while remodelling his own house.

There are many things to learn from Jeremy but the most important part we can learn from him is how to maintain a balance between family, partner, work and hobbies.

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