It pays off to heed warnings provided by oil analysis

It pays off to heed warnings provided by oil analysis

Oil analysis is an effective tool to provide advanced warning of engine issues that have potential to cause equipment breakdown and lost productivity.

As an independent total fluid management provider that has been specialising in this predictive maintenance method for almost 30 years, Techenomics sees many examples of the benefits of a regular oil analysis program.

One such example was provided recently in an operation in Laos where the signs provided by oil analysis were ignored by the operator with the result being very costly equipment breakdown.

The analysis report from the dozer in question for a three month period (see below) showed increased levels of deleterious wear elements such as iron, lead, copper and chromium as well as the presence of problem indicators, including soot and low viscosity and TBN.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett said the report revealed issues with the equipment which showed that action was needed by the operator.

“There was potential to run for around another 2000 hours before failure, but the operator did not take action and the machine failed.”

After failure, there were holes found in the engine block on the left and right sides due to the connecting rod cap becoming loose (see photos below). Broken bolts on the connecting rod was the root cause.

The machine operator reported to the maintenance team that there was excessive engine noise during operation but the crew was unable to identify the source until it was too late.

Chris Adsett said: “From the analysis report, we recommended that action be taken to remedy the issue and therefore save the cost of replacing the components as well as of the unnecessary downtime needed for the repairs.”

He said this situation indicated that oil analysis provided on effective early warning system.

It also highlighted the costly issues that could occur if the oil analysis warnings were ignored.

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