Techenomics oil analysis checks the health of engines

Aug 14, 2018 | Engine Oil, engine wear, oil analysis

Techenomics oil analysis checks the health of engines

“We know the various lubricant issues that impact productivity and can treat them”
Oil is the lifeblood of all engines and Techenomics serves as your pathologist, analysing the oil to check the health of the engine and its various components so that productivity is maintained and even enhanced.

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By analysing the oil as part of condition-based monitoring (CBM), fluid management specialist Techenomics diagnoses issues regarding cleanliness and effectiveness.

This flows on to operators because maintenance issues are predicted before they arise, and the status of these valuable assets is assessed while they are in operation.

The lubricating oil system is a vital part of any engine or operating hydraulic equipment and the properties of lubricating oil need to be maintained within the specified parameters, in order for the engine or equipment to operate in the best possible way.

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Nobody wants to suffer as a result of equipment downtime and Techenomics’ CBM procedures not only assess engine health, they also predict the cause of any possible illness so that it can be prevented before it arises.

“We are the independent experts in fluid analysis and are happy to advise you so that you can get more from your oil and other lubricants,” Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says.

“We know the various lubricant issues that impact productivity and worse still, cause failure, and can treat them.

“Our specialty is oil analysis and through our expertise combined with state-of-the-art equipment and our commitment to embracing the digital data age, we have the solution to lubricant issues now and into the future,” he says.

CBM and predictive maintenance are achievable by detecting, tracking and controlling unclean deleterious elements which have highly negative effects on good oil properties like viscosity, while increasing the not-so-good properties such as contamination and insoluble components.

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As well as having clean oil, it is important that fuels are clean as dirty fuel can result in contaminated oil. “Just as it does in the human body, cleanliness improves health and in engines it can prevent or reduce component failure, reduce downtime and minimise the cost of repairs,” Chris Adsett says.

Data collected by Techenomics during oil and fluid analysis can be used to establish trends, predict failure and calculate the remaining life of an asset.

In this regard CBM helps ensure equipment has higher reliability and availability. Moreover, because maintenance activities are scheduled ahead of time, CBM tends to be less costly and less time-consuming than the commonly used preventive maintenance measures.

“What’s more,” Chris Adsett says, “the cost of CBM is quickly absorbed by the preventive maintenance savings. These include negating the need for maintenance downtime and unnecessary oil changes or spare parts, as well as the resulting increase in productivity.”

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