Treat your car to an engine massage – it will run better than your mate’s

Jul 18, 2018 | IFWS2 particles, improved engine performance, News, WS2 additives

Treat your car to an engine massage – it will run better than your mate’s

Get your pride and joy purring like a kitten – visit Techenomics at QME

Attention Queenslanders: Love your car and want it to perform better than your mate’s – visit the Techenomics booth (C204) at QME in Mackay this month and get your car purring like a kitten.

An engine massage is just as important for your loved one’s car, which maybe a little less neglected that yours or may be the primary family car if yours is a company vehicle.

Techenomics preventative solutions, including condition analytics and condition monitoring, are just as applicable to the oil and lubricants in your car or the family vehicle as they are to a mining fleet.

Our products add value to these solutions. They include data sensors which allow for early detection of issues which could impact on the safety of those using the vehicle.

Then there are the unique tungsten disulphide (WS2) caged nano particles which when added to oil, increase its life, cut maintenance costs, enhance engine productivity, provide fuel use savings and reduce your environmental footprint.

“All sounds too good to be true … well it’s not,” says Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett, “and if you visit our booth C204 at QME, we’ll show you how and why you should give your car’s engine a massage.

“What’s more, we are giving you the chance to show your mates that your car performs better than theirs by giving the first 50 people who visit our booth and fill out a short questionnaire a car lover’s kit, which includes a 50ml bottle of WS2 additive and an oil analysis bottle.

“These come with instructions on how to take a sample and how to add the WS2 to your oil as well as a return post bag to send the oil sample to our laboratory so that we can analyse it and let you know how your oil is performing as well as any issues you should be aware of,” he says.

Techenomics will have a team of experts on hand at QME from July 24 to 26 in Mackay to inform you and demonstrate how it eliminates the unexpected and predicts the unpredictable.

They will be only too happy to explain how these services and products benefit your much-loved car and will do so using the results of laboratory testing; recounting the personal experiences of themselves, their friends and clients; and demonstrating this with live testing at the booth.

“We also welcome any other inquiries from individuals, fleet managers or mine personnel about oil or lubricant issues you are having.

“Visit our booth at C204 and we won’t bamboozle you with spin, we’ll show you how to get you vehicle or fleet running better than your mate’s or better than the competitors,” he adds.

For more information about Techenomics contact: Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Teguh,; in Singapore Siti,, in Mongolia Tumee,, or in Australia Steven Adamthwaite,

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