George Diloyan webinar to explain MWF transformation powered by WS2

May 21, 2018 | metalworking fluid, WS2 additives

George Diloyan webinar to explain MWF transformation powered by WS2

Nano-technology expert Dr George Diloyan will present at a webinar this week to explain how the performance of metalworking fluid (MWF) can be significantly improved by using tungsten disulphide (WS2) caged nano particles.

The webinar is being organised by Techenomics and follows a recent roadshow in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore during which George Diloyan outlined how WS2 caged nano particles work with lubricants in engines and operating equipment, and how they vastly improve performance and save costs.

These benefits can be also be obtained with MWF, which is used to lubricate metal workpieces when they are being machined, ground, milled, etc.

metalworking fluidGeorge Diloyan is fully qualified to extol these benefits as he is Head of Research for Nanotech Industrial Solutions (NIS), the company which developed the WS2 particles, and he played a leading role in this process.

The particles are spherical which comes from precise control and manufacturing and utilise the superior properties of tungsten.

This shape enables them to create a protective lining on metal surfaces which greatly reduces wear, thereby increasing the life and effectiveness of lubricants as well as cutting fuel consumption.

The particles are just 0.1 of a micron in size which, unlike other additives, means they pass through all filters, including sub micro filters.

Techenomics’ webinar on Thursday, May 24, will see George Diloyan explain MWF types and applications, and how WS2 caged nano particle technology works to enhance the performance of metalworking fluid (MWF).

He will also demonstrate how this unique technology improves productivity and saves costs, and will do so utilising performance data and outlining a number of field trials.

Following the presentation, webinar participants will have the opportunity to interact with George Diloyan in a question and answer session.

Webinar participants will come from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia and Australia.

Techenomics is distributing the WS2 product and CEO Chris Adsett says it is fortunate to have secured the services of the eminent expert in nano-technology.

“Our independent tests are showing that the WS2 particles are living up to the hype by greatly increasing the time to failure of engine, transmission and gear oils.

“Unofficial tests in the field are also demonstrating that these nano-particles really do decrease fuel consumption, limit harmful emissions and reduce maintenance.

“The webinar will outline the benefits of using WS2 with MWF. It’s not just talk – these nano-sized particles really do perform miracles.”

For more information about Techenomics contact: Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Teguh,; in Singapore Siti,; in Mongolia Tumee,; or in Australia Taylor O’Mahony,

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