Learn about Techenomics data transition and WS2 miracle at Indonesia Miner

Learn about Techenomics data transition and WS2 miracle at Indonesia Miner

Techenomics is showcasing its proactive maintenance solutions at this week’s Indonesia Miner in Jakarta. The innovative oil and lubricant services save costs, increase productivity and give your business a competitive edge.

The company specialises in fluid management to predict maintenance services and is developing the capability to offer clients proactive maintenance so that they can get even more value from oil and lubricants.

Techenomics is doing this by developing real time data capture and new analytics as part of its upgraded Blue Oceans maintenance software package as well as offering unique tungsten disulphide (WS2) additives.

These initiatives will be outlined at Techenomics’ stand, booth 5, at Indonesia Miner, which is on this Wednesday and Thursday, April 11 and 12, at the Westin Hotel in Jakarta.

Also on hand will be nano-technology expert Dr George Diloyan, who will reveal the secret behind WS2 additives, which minimise downtime, enhance productivity and save costs.

The WS2 additives have been developed by Nanotech Industrial Solutions with George Diloyan playing a leading role as Head of Research. Techenomics is distributing these nano-sized miracle workers.

George has outlined the innovative and unique WS2 product during a series of recent forums in Singapore and Australia and is looking forward to sharing the secrets with Indonesia’s mining, transport and industrial sectors.

ws2 indonesia miner

He will be on hand at the Techenomics booth, will present during Indonesia Miner’s technical forum and will attend a series of meetings in Jakarta this week with industry representatives.

These unique additives utilise the superior properties of tungsten and are spherical in shape which comes from the precise control and manufacturing of the particles. They are just 0.1 of a micron in size which, unlike most other additives, means they pass through all filters, including sub micro filters.

The additives provide a protective coating on metal surfaces which reduces wear, lowers operating temperatures and reduces emissions. The result is lower fuel consumption, reduced maintenance, lower costs and increased productivity with the added extra of benefiting the environment.

ws2 indonesia miner

WS2 additives form part of Techenomics transition from an Industry 3.0 predictive maintenance provider to an Industry 4.0 proactive maintenance company.

The transition will see Techenomics take samples every second with a 10 second response time for users utilising a range of sensors and updated software capability compared to the current system in which samples are taken over 250 hours and results provided on a 2-day turnaround time.

These capabilities are being developed by a team of experts working on various aspects to enable collection of real time data and dispersal of accurate, meaningful results.

Visit the Techenomics team at booth 5 at Indonesia Miner to find out more about the company, its transition process and learn about the impressive results obtained from use of WS2 additives.

For more information about Techenomics contact: Chris Adsett, c.adsett@techenomics.com; in Indonesia Teguh, teguh@techenomics.com; in Singapore Siti, siti@techenomics.com; in Mongolia Tumee, tumee@techenomics.com; or in Australia Taylor O’Mahony, taylor@techenomics.com.

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