Global nano-technology expert to speak at Australian forums

Global nano-technology expert to speak at Australian forums

Save on fuel, engine wear and costs with WS2 additives
Using Tungsten Disulphide (WS2) additives in oil is a no-brainer for the transport, mining and manufacturing industries, and fluid management expert Techenomics is spreading the word about these nano-sized miracle workers during a series of lunchtime forums around Australia next week.

Techenomics is distributing the unique WS2 additives throughout its network and has secured the services of nano-technology expert Dr George Diloyan for the forums in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Newcastle.

The WS2 additives reduce friction within engines and components, thereby cutting fuel consumption, minimising engine wear and reducing emissions, empowering users to cut costs, extend service intervals, boost productivity and help the environment.

WS2 additives differ from other additives, most of which use molybdenum rather than the superior qualities that tungsten possesses.

They were developed by Nanotech Industrial Solutions (NIS) with the company’s Head of Research George Diloyan playing a leading role.

The forums will provide a unique opportunity for Australians to hear, see and learn about the amazing properties of this wonder lubricant additive from a leading expert.

George Diloyan will explain how the nano-technology works and will utilise videos prepared by NIS to demonstrate its effectiveness.

The technology has many applications in Australia’s road, rail and shipping industries as well as in the mining, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

The benefits of using WS2 are:

  • Lower fuel consumption as a result of a lower coefficient of friction.
  • Less component wear of in excess of 100% leading to longer equipment life.
  • Extended service intervals saving on downtime, servicing and replacement oils.
  • Lower exhaust emissions.

Forums will be held in Melbourne on Tuesday, April 3, Perth on Wednesday, April 4, Brisbane on Thursday, April 5 and Newcastle on Friday, April 6.

Each will start at around midday and will include the presentation, videos, demonstrations, a question and answer session, and networking opportunity with lunch to be provided.

Places at the forums are limited and seats will be allocated as reservations are received, so it is important to reserve your spot as soon as possible by emailing Taylor at taylor@techenomics.com or Siti at siti@techenomics.com or by telephoning +61 (0) 2 6571 2699.

Ongoing testing by Techenomics in its ISO-accredited laboratories along with in-the-field reports from users are proving that the WS2 additives are more than living up to the hype, providing considerable cost savings and productivity improvements.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to save costs and lift productivity, contact Taylor or Siti now.

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