Nano additives boost productivity, reduce downtime and save costs

Mar 21, 2018 | nano additives, nano technology, WS2 additives

Nano additives boost productivity, reduce downtime and save costs

WS2 technology expert to speak at Singapore luncheon
Nano-technology is being used to improve the performance of lubricants resulting in lower fuel consumption, less engine component wear and extended service intervals, thus saving you time and money while boosting productivity.

This is not as complex as it sounds and can be achieved by simply adding unique tungsten disulphide (WS2) additives to your oil, lubricants and greases.

Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. The nano-technology developed by Nanotech Industrial Solution (NIS) will be explained by the US-based company’s Head of Research Dr George Diloyan during a lunch meeting in Singapore later this month.

But wait … there’s more – using the WS2 additives also helps the environment as the nano-technology reduces emissions.

George Diloyan is a world-leader in the nano-technology field and the lunch will provide a unique opportunity to hear and learn about the amazing properties of this wonder additive.

The WS2 additives are being distributed by Techenomics throughout its network in Asia and Australia and the luncheon is being organised by the fluid management company in cooperation with the Singapore Mining Club.

The lunch will be held from 12 noon on Wednesday, March 28, at the Boomerang restaurant and bar, Boat Quay, 52 Circular Rd, Singapore. Lunch will be served and the session will run for up to three hours, with plenty of time allocated for networking and questions.

There are just 30 places available and seats will be allocated as reservations are received, so it is important to reserve your spot as soon as possible by emailing Siti at or telephoning +65 9295 3362.

Ongoing testing by Techenomics in its ISO accredited laboratories along with in-the-field reports from users are proving that the WS2 additives are more than living up to the hype, providing considerable cost savings and productivity improvements.

Dr George Diloyan will explain how the nano-technology works and will utilise a number of videos prepared by NIS to demonstrate its effectiveness.

The technology has many applications in Singapore’s shipping, stevedoring, industrial and manufacturing sectors as well as in the country’s role as a major regional centre for mining and industry throughout South East Asia.

The benefits of using WS2 are:

  • Lower fuel consumption as a result of a lower coefficient of friction.
  • Less component wear of in excess of 100% leading to longer equipment life.
  • Extended service intervals saving on downtime, servicing and replacement oils.
  • Lower exhaust emissions.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to save costs and lift productivity, contact Siti now at or by telephoning +65 9295 3362..

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