New Techenomics division focuses on research and development

Mar 1, 2018 | News

New Techenomics division focuses on research and development

Innovation is key to the future development of all companies and Techenomics is no exception. However, this does not just happen, it takes innovative thinking coupled with research and development.

“It’s not just a matter of innovation for the sake of innovation,” says Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett, “it must be done to benefit clients and to ensure the company’s future.”

Techenomics has established itself as a leading independent provider of fluid analysis and fluid management services but the dawn of the digital age presents new challenges, and opportunities, to enhance the provision of predictive maintenance services for clients.

To facilitate this process Techenomics has established a Research and Development Division which is tackling initiatives to apply innovation to existing procedures and services as well as implement new technology to enable clients to get even more performance and value from their oils and lubricants.

techenomics research and development

Chris Adsett says, “We have established ourselves as a provider of total fluid management services by being innovative and walking the walk.

“The R&D division is determined to ensure we continue along this path by being active in the digital data capture space so that we can enhance our core fluid analysis credentials.

“We are trying to bring younger thinking into the company to enable us to meet the challenges posed by the digital age. R&D is at that level so we need to bring that through.”

The division comprises young thinking team members, such as business leader and the company’s 2017 Rising Star Steve Adamthwaite, supported by creative, talented and innovative minds, such as Brice Gower, a recent Murdoch University engineering graduate.

The R&D team is conducting multiple studies to acquire deeper insights from advanced data analytics of Techenomics’ historical database; instrumentation and computer systems which can collect real-time data on assets; and a cloud-based computing platform for customers to interact better with the results from the company’s analysis.

Accomplishing these innovations will create proprietary techniques and designs that will ensure Techenomics stays at the front of industry performance.

“Techenomics is taking the digital factory and the opportunities to incorporate real time digital data capture into its fluid analysis business very seriously,” Chris Adsett says.

“We are looking at innovative ways to capture real time data on operating lubricants from first principals to help our customers structure their maintenance programs to reduce real costs per unit operating hour.”

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