Techenomics R&D’s Live Sensor viability study

Dec 22, 2017 | condition monitoring, Contamination Control, Engine Oil, Failure Analysis, Newcastle Laboratory

Techenomic’s laboratories use precise equipment to produce clean and accurate data for the condition monitoring of our customer’s assets; our Failure Analysts then interpret the data to provide industry-leading advice on maintenance procedures.

With the growing field of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Techenomics is committing to the collection of Real-Time data to monitor the condition of our customers’ assets live. Techenomic’s Research and Development department is assessing various types of Instrumentation and chemical parameters by analysing a controlled scenario in our laboratory.

Over the next few weeks, a comprehensive list of scientific tests will be conducted on the potential sensors and the data will be calibrated against the equipment used in our Newcastle laboratory. This will allow us to determine the capability of the instruments and develop a prototype system which can be tested out into the field, as well as collect data to derive an algorithm which can process the measurements and detect potential issues during operation of the asset.

The controlled tests are designed to replicate the failure scenarios which can cause catastrophic damage to a diesel engine in a time span of minutes to hours. Techenomics R&D built a custom test rig to replicate the conditions of such an event and collect data to identify the signatures of failure scenarios. The resulting analysis will allow Techenomics to provide Real-Time advice for the condition of the asset’s lubricant oil live, and be the basis for a proprietary software algorithm which can provide advice to the operator for how to prevent damage to the asset.


The analysis of the results of this viability study will be used to plan a Proof of Concept system which can be implemented on the types of Diesel Engines or Final Drives which we currently service. Once a suitable instrument and computer system have been developed the Live Sensor will begin field trials to produce a formal case study which can be used to guarantee our capabilities to Early Adopters who are interested in the Real-Time protection of their mobile assets.

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