WS2 additives make a real difference

Nov 6, 2017 | nano additives, nano technology

WS2 additives make a real difference

Looking for ways to optimise your operations and boost productivity? Increasing oil life and equipment availability reducing maintenance are easily achievable by using NanoLub tungsten sulphide WS2 additives.

Not another additive, you may say! However, this one is unique – it is the only one of many additives that uses submicron spherical closed cage particles of tungsten disulphide and has been proven to outperform all others. Developed by US-based company Nanotech Industrial Solutions (NIS), WS2 additives increase oil life, decrease wear of engines and components, reduce friction and lower emissions.

Recent tests carried out by PT Tekenomiks Indonesia at the Mining Indonesia expo in Jakarta showed a 300% improvement in time to failure using WS2 additives compared to tests of a competitor’s molybdenum-based product.

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Are there likely to be any negative reactions to certain additives, or materials?

No, there are no negative reactions.

Are there any by-products generated, especially when heat is applied?


What modes of failure do the WS2 additives address?

  • Oil life;
  • Wear – correlates with the life of parts and cost of ownership as well as downtime reduction; and
  • Friction – correlates with efficiency and operating temperature

How does it address common modes of failure?

It acts in a similar way to new/fresh engine oil. The WS2 additives protect oil from degrading and thickening and also protects engines against corrosion for a longer time. The NanoLub products protect engines, equipment and components from wear and friction by lowering operating temperatures.

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Chris Adsett says Techenomics distributes the WS2 additives throughout its network because they add value to the company’s fluid management and condition monitoring services, thus giving clients much more from their oil.

“In order to demonstrate the WS2 benefits, Techenomics is carrying out independent tests at its Indonesian laboratories on various engine, gear and transmission oils.

“These ongoing tests have returned amazing results, especially when compared to the same testing of other molybdenum-based additives.”

The WS2 additives have vastly superior lubrication properties compared with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) additives which are commonly used in oils. WS2 is one of the most lubricous materials known to science and has a coefficient of friction of just 0.03. Its dry lubricity is unmatched by any other substance.

If you have any further questions relating to NanoLub WS2 additives, please don’t hesitate to contact Techenomics – – while more information is available on the Techenomics website:

For more information about Techenomics contact: Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Teguh,;or in Singapore Siti,; in Mongolia Sugraa,;

WS2 additives – Click here to download this release as a pdf file

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