Real time data from the entire fleet

Aug 14, 2017 | News

Real time data from the entire fleet

Techenomics embraces the digital age
Provision of comprehensive data in real time will enhance the fluid management services of Techenomics and allow customers to obtain even better productivity from oils and lubricants.

The innovative and independent supplier is embracing the digital age by implementing real time data, which CEO Chris Adsett says will provide quality and relevant data from all fleet vehicles and operating equipment, thus benefitting all clients.

Techenomics is working with a number of expert consultants to enable it to gather data using an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network and to interpret that data utilising Intelligent Algorithms.

“The sensors we are developing will be able to be retrofitted to existing fleets, which will provide a consistent and connected interface across the different types of OEM vehicles on site,” Chris Adsett says.
“This will allow for easier monitoring, analysis and trending, all done in one place. “The consistent data will be an advantage to maintenance teams who will be able to make quicker decisions about the whole fleet, reducing downtime and allowing for more accurate scheduling, due to this constant and predictable format.

“This will differentiate us from OEM suppliers whose data capture will be restricted to their own machines,” he says.

Perth-based Murdoch University Engineering student Brice Gower is developing remote sensors to capture the data while Melbourne-based IT expert Peter Byrne is assessing how Techenomics’ current online systems can be modified to handle and interpret the massive amounts of data that will be generated from all relevant sections of engines and operating equipment.

mining equipment testing add ons

Chris Adsett says the digital age has dawned for the mining industry and increasing amounts of data will be the backbone of future optimised, efficient, productive and profitable mining operations.

“Maintenance cannot be forgotten in this process and the integration of real time data into the services we provide at Techenomics will create better predictive models, enabling us to gain greater understanding of the operating characteristics of engines and equipment.

“Obtaining data from all relevant components, measuring clean relevant data, communicating the data into our servers, and using our algorithms to deliver real time analytics will empower our clients to get more value from their oils and lubricants,” he adds.

For more information about Techenomics contact: Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Teguh,; in Singapore Siti,; in Mongolia Sugraa,; or in Australia Leo Valenz,

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