Experience the Timken Challenge

Aug 10, 2017 | nano additives

Experience the Timken Challenge

Timken tests prove that NanoLub Tungsten Disulphide (WS2) additives increase the performance and life of oil and PT Tekenomiks Indonesia will show-off this process in a series of live demonstrations during September.

The Timken test uses increasing amounts of weight to assess the performance characteristics of oil and lubricants in an operating situation.

PT Tekenomiks has used these tests to confirm that the nano-sized WS2 additives increase the performance of engine, transmission and gear oils. The oil is able to run longer under increased weight than oil with no WS2 additives while scarring of metal components is greatly reduced.

And to show the benefits of this nano-technology to the oil users, PT Tekenomiks will carry out a series of live Timken test demonstrations using standard oil, oil with competitors’ additives and oil with WS2 additives.

timken challenge

The comparative tests will demonstrate the major advantages of tungsten di sulphide chemistry over other ‘so-called nano additives’. There is no magic involved … just superior chemistry related to the use of tungsten.

The Timken Challenge will take place in Batam, Jakarta and Balikpapan in September and each demonstration will be open to the public.

Techenomics International distributes the NanoLub WS2 additives throughout its network as they add value to the fluid management services provided to customers, thereby increasing the performance and life of lubricants, reducing temperature and friction, and decreasing emissions.


More details to follow.

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