Techenomics Australia looks to the future

Jul 26, 2017 | oil analysis, oil sampling

Techenomics Australia looks to the future

Techenomics Australia has been serving the oil analysis and fluid management needs of mining, industrial and transport sectors for around 30 years but is not resting on its laurels. Innovations, new products and additional services are vital components of the company’s quest to provide a comprehensive service for clients.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says technology helps customers get greater productivity from equipment through increased life and better performance from lubricants.

From the company’s Newcastle facilities, which incorporate state-of-the-art testing and analysis equipment, Laboratory Manager Leo Valenzuela and Laboratory Supervisor Steve Adamthwaite test samples from operations around Australia and provide analysis and trending data.

“Leo and Steve are young men qualified to analyse the samples collected from the equipment and advise customers on the right course of preventative maintenance,” Chris Adsett says. “They are both keen to introduce and incorporate new innovations to develop the company’s capabilities and give customers better value for money.”

As industry struggles to recover from the downturn, innovation is an important component of efforts by companies to reduce costs, increase productivity and gain better value for money, and Chris Adsett says this is becoming more important by the day.

“Techenomics Australia is working with consultants specialising in aspects of technology that will enable it to move with the times, particularly in terms of digital data.

“Gathering of data and interpretation of it will be major drivers for the future growth of the industries we service. The future is digital.

“Techenomics intends to integrate real time data to create better predictive models and better understand the operating characteristics of engines and equipment. Real time data will help prevent maintenance resulting in higher availability and lower maintenance costs.”

To assist in this process Techenomics is working with Murdoch University Engineering student Brice Gower, who majored in Industrial Computer Systems.

Brice demonstrated his capabilities as part of the winning team in the Unearthed Hackathon held this year in Perth. The Murdoch team developed a unique smart lock embedded system for live feedback and control.

Techenomics recognises that Brice’s skills may help attain its digital data aims and he is developing remote sensors which can capture all relevant data from every applicable part of engines and equipment, a process central to the provision of real time data.

This means Techenomics must also adapt its existing processes, including the maintenance management software program Blue Oceans. Assisting in this task is long-time Melbourne-based IT expert Peter Byrne who is identifying how the company’s current online systems can be modified to handle and interpret the vast amount of data that will be generated.

Peter Byrne says the task is made more complex by the fact that Techenomics’ network not only covers Australia, but also includes the Indonesian archipelago, Singapore, Thailand and Mongolia. “There will be a huge amount of data coming into the system, which needs to be able to sort what is relevant and what is not, and then provide the required data to clients in a usable manner.”

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Techenomics’ efforts in Australia are also supported by long-time journalist John Miller, who has experience working with the mining industry in Asia and Australia.

For more information about Techenomics contact: Chris Adsett,; in Mongolia Sugraa,; in Indonesia Teguh,; in Singapore Siti,; or in Australia Leo Valenz,

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