A ‘win-win’ for Techenomics’ Mongolian customers

Jul 19, 2017 | magnetic plug inspection, preventative maintenance

A ‘win-win’ for Techenomics’ Mongolian customers

 Techenomics is committed to ensuring customers gain maximum benefit from oils, fuels and lubricants through its state-of-the-art testing, analysis and data trending. The benefits are extended by the use of complementary products, which in Mongolia include Micfil filters and One Eye Industries magnetic plugs.

These products provide more effective filtration systems for fuel, oil and lubricants, and Techenomics’ CEO Chris Adsett says, “It is a win-win for Mongolian customers – the Micfil filter systems and magnetic plugs from One Eye Industries add value to the analysis services we provide.”

He says this was proven during a recent trial on dump trucks at a Mongolian mine with the effectiveness of Micfil fuel filtration systems demonstrated by fluid analysis provided by Techenomics’ Mongolian team.

damaged magnetic plugs

A mining contractor in Mongolia acquired three new Belaz 75302 dump trucks and installed a Micfil fuel filtration system on one to compare the performance of fuel and oil. The trucks had similar schedules and workloads over the seven week trial.

The Micfil system included a WS800 water separator, double AL600 and FO22 Fuel Optimiser. It was tested against the standard filtration system installed in the other two trucks. There was an approximate saving of 7.55% in fuel consumption during the trial with estimated savings to the operator of approximately US$3611.

Engine oil samples from the three trucks after 250 operating hours were analysed at the Techenomics Mongolia laboratory in Ulaanbaatar.

These tests showed that the oil in the truck with the Micfil system was in better condition with fewer wear metals. There was a significant reduction in the presence of iron – 15.5 as opposed to 23.5 and 33.32 in the other trucks. There was also a major reduction in soot levels – 41.91 with the Micfil system compared to 73.71 and 81.42 in the others.

damaged magnetic plugs

Chris Adsett says that lower soot and wear metals mean extended engine life and fewer engine problems during operation, for example with injectors and fuel pump systems. In turn, this results in less downtime and greater productivity.

He says the One Eye Industries magnetic plugs, which Techenomics distributes in Mongolia, also support preventative maintenance programs designed by Techenomics. “Analysing the materials that build up on the plugs enables Techenomics to determine the type of wear and what is causing it.”

For more information about Techenomics contact: Chris Adsett, c.adsett@techenomics.com; in Mongolia Sugraa, sugraa@techenomics.com; in Indonesia Teguh, teguh@techenomics.com; in Singapore Siti, siti@techenomics.com; or in Australia Leo Valenz, leo.valenz@techenomics.com

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