How to take a correct used oil sample

May 10, 2017 | News, oil analysis

How to take a correct used oil sample 

Oil analysis is a very effective solution for predicting maintenance issues but incorrect oil sampling methods are likely to compromise the analysis.
Total fluid management provider Techenomics says the used oil sample provided for analysis must be truly representative of the oil used in engines or hydraulic components and incorrect sampling can result in contamination of the sample.

Techenomics’ technology and product development manager Eka Karmila says the sample should be taken not more than 30 minutes after shutdown ensuring that insoluble and semi-soluble material is suspended evenly.

“Always take samples from downstream of the components but upstream of filters to ensure the sample is representative with no particles having been removed by filters or separators.

“Insert the tubing through the top of the pump until approximately 10mm protrudes into the bottle and tighten the tube nut, then firmly screw the sample bottle onto the pump.
“Remove dirt and contaminants from the compartment opening but take care with hot compartments.
“Insert the tubing to within 50mm to 100mm from the bottom of the compartment being sampled and operate the sampling pump until the bottle is three-quarters full. Stop the oil flow by loosening the bottle to break the vacuum.
“Remove the bottle and recap immediately, making sure no contaminants enter the bottle.
“Complete the label precisely, stick it on the bottle and then mail or forward the samples as soon as possible.”

used oil sample

Eka Karmila says the label must filled in correctly because it contains all of the information necessary to identify the sample.

She also says that if the sampling pump becomes contaminated it should be disassembled, flushed with clean solvent and dried thoroughly. Do not use petrol or diesel for cleaning as it can contaminate sampling.
For further details about correct sampling procedures, click on the following link to the Techenomics website –

For more information about Techenomics contact: Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Teguh,; in Singapore Siti,; in Mongolia Sugraa,; or in Australia Leo Valenz,


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