Cooperation will boost skills in Mongolia

Jan 19, 2017 | News, training

Cooperation will boost skills in Mongolia

A new agreement between Techenomics Mongolia and the Mongolian University of Life Science will help enhance the technical skills of students leading to benefits for the company and the country as a whole.

The cooperation with the university’s School of Engineering and Technology will help Mongolia’s future engineers and mechanics gain greater knowledge of the importance of oil and fluid analysis as a preventative maintenance tool, thus leading to less downtime and increased productivity.

“This is a win-win for Techenomics Mongolia and the Mongolian University of Life Science,” Techenomics International CEO Chris Adsett says, “while it will also build skill levels in Mongolia, helping the country become more self-sufficient.”

He says the cooperation will also result in employees of Techenomics Mongolia having greater educational and practical knowledge of the mechanics of equipment that the company’s condition monitoring and fluid management services are designed to support.

“Technical and engineering knowledge is vital for Techenomics because we operate in an area that encompasses ever changing technology as we strive to help operators get maximum benefit from the oils and fluids used to keep their equipment and machinery operating.

“Our team needs to be kept up to date with the latest technology and trends in order to give customers a total fluid management service and to do this team members need to fully understand the equipment used by customers, must be able to read, compile and interpret reports gained from our analysis equipment and fully explain our services, and benefits, to customers.

“This is particularly important in Mongolia which is developing its mining, energy and industrial capacity at a rapid rate,” he says.

Techenomics Mongolia marketing officer Gantogos Ganbaatar (Togosoo) says the team decided to seek opportunities to enhance its technical knowledge and the Mongolian University of Life Science jumped on board as it could see the benefits for students.

“Techenomics Mongolia will provide all necessary materials for the research and academic work of university students, with an emphasis on safety, and will educate students on the interpretation of oil analysis reports, which help them predict maintenance issues before they arise, thus reducing equipment downtime,” she says.

The School of Engineering and Technology will provide technical training and materials for Techenomics Mongolia staff, including a three-day internship at its ‘Perfect Motors’ repair service centre. It will also help Techenomics Mongolia connect with other companies involved in provision of technical services in Mongolia and will create opportunities for the company to participate in technical seminars and conferences.

“We want to help engineers and mechanics establish a new level of maintenance work which will decrease downtime and unexpected major machinery failures. We want to show them that oil analysis enables them to see problems within the machinery and equipment from the outside without the downtime caused by taking the machine out of action and opening it up,” Togosoo says.

“After we test the waters with this arrangement, there is no reason why we cannot cooperate further with other technical education providers in Mongolia,” Chris Adsett concludes.

For information contact Chris Adsett, (, in Mongolia Sugraa, (, in Indonesia Teguh, (, or in Australia Leo Valenz,

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