Magnetic plugs an additional maintenance tool

Dec 1, 2016 | magnetic plug inspection

Magnetic plugs an additional maintenance tool

Magnetic plugs are one of the tools that support the preventative maintenance programs designed by Techenomics to gain more benefit from the use of oil and lubricants in engines and operating equipment. Analysing the materials that build up on the plugs enables Techenomics to determine the type of wear and what is causing it. These photos graphically illustrate the type of sludge and metals that can accumulate in your oil and which is picked up by magnetic plugs. 

damaged magnetic plugs

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says, “Our magnetic plug program is designed to provide a trended measure of wear and wear type. The data generated from our analysis is logged onto our software program and is linked to relevant oil analysis for maintenance planning. “In this way the magnetic plugs should be part of an effective maintenance program and not just relied upon in isolation.”

The operation of moving metal components in engines and hydraulics generates sludge and metal debris, much of which is not readily visible in used oil. These elements prevent the oil operating to maximum benefit and can cause loss of production, or even breakdown.

The sludge impacts the effectiveness of the oil, including its viscosity, while the metal can cause blockages or considerable damage to the components which are vital to effective and safe operation of engines and equipment.

Chris Adsett says while magnetic plugs filter out this material, they also act as an early warning sign of component or engine failure. “At Techenomics we recommend using magnetic plugs as part of our total fluid management services.

“The plugs serve a role to filter deleterious elements from the oil but it is important that this material is analysed so that we can provide a trended measure of wear and wear type, thereby providing operators with an early warning of potential issues that if left untreated can result in breakdown.”


Chris Adsett says that as well as using magnetic plugs, the use of NanoLub tungsten disulphide (WS2) additives helps achieve better and longer life from oil, which results in greater productivity. “The WS2 additives, which are distributed by Techenomics, improve the lubricating qualities of the oil and help prevent wear by creating a protective microfilm on metal surfaces. 


“The preventative maintenance solutions provided by Techenomics boost the performance of oil, thereby reducing costly and time-consuming repairs, and leading to increased productivity and greater value for money.”

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