Techenomics recognises its ‘Rising Star’

Nov 10, 2016 | fluid analysis, fluid management

Techenomics recognises its ‘Rising Star’

rising-starRecognising the potential of its young employees to continue the company’s development in an ever-changing world, Techenomics has named a young lab technician from Mongolia as its Rising Star.

Techenomics will reward Otgontuya Bayarkhuu (Otgoo) for her enthusiasm and dedication, and will provide encouragement for her to continue developing her skills to the benefit of the company.

Otgoo was employed by Techenomics Mongolia in January 2015 after graduating from the National University of Mongolia with a Degree in Petroleum Chemistry. She is responsible for receiving, coding and analysing oil and lubricant samples as well as calibrating laboratory equipment and preparing it for work.

She carries out tasks assigned by the lab manager, has also been responsible for controlling the cleaning of lab rooms, ensuring they are always neat and tidy, and for record keeping of stocktakes.

CEO Chris Adsett says Techenomics prides itself on its talented staff who help it keep pace with evolving technology, enabling the company to stay ahead of the pack in the fields of fluid management and condition monitoring. “We have a strong mix of experienced, dedicated staff and young, enthusiastic professionals who bring fresh ideas and new ways of tackling lubricant issues.

“These ‘rising stars’ learn from the experience of other staff members and combine these skills with their comprehension and understanding of new technology.

“If we are to continue being the leader in our field and continue to enhance our reputation as the first choice for fluid management, we need the input of young staff and their commitment to take the company forward … they are the future of Techenomics,” he said.


Otgoo was named Rising Star at Techenomics’ annual conference and will receive a trophy, certificate, cash and be invited to participate in a course to further develop her skills. She will also have the opportunity to visit Techenomics’ laboratories in Indonesia to see how the company operates in its largest market.

Chris Adsett says Otgoo is a worthy winner. “She is showing a lot of initiative and is prepared to take on tasks outside her designated role. She has also shown that she is prepared to learn, can work independently, is flexible and has excellent communication skills which make her an important member of our Mongolian team.

“Otgoo is a shining light for our company and is the type of young person who will ensure that Techenomics continues to develop. Otgoo’s honesty, impressive attitude and positiveness make her a fine example of the type of young person who will become a future Mongolian leader and take the country further along the path to development.”

For information about Techenomics contact Chris Adsett (e-mail, in Mongolia Sugraa (; in Indonesia Teguh (; or in Australia Leo Valenz (

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