Make oil perform better and last longer

Make oil perform better and last longer

Seminar outlines benefits of WS2 additives

tungsten disulphide

NanoLub tungsten disulphide (WS2) additives help oil perform better and last longer, and Techenomics International is holding a series of forums to explain how this works. Techenomics is distributing the WS2 additives across its network in South East Asia, Northern Asia and Australia because the technology complements its fluid management services.

The latest forum was held in Batam, Indonesia, with participants learning that use of the nano-sized WS2 additives in lubricants reduces friction, lowers operating temperatures and limits metal wear, resulting in improved productivity and reduced costs.

The seminar was organised by PT Tekenomiks Indonesia (PTTI) and was attended by representatives of PT Citra Tubindo, PT Hydrojet, PT Prima Karya Nusa, PT Tobacon, PT Surya Makmur Cendana and PT APMS.Speakers included Techenomics International CEO Chris Adsett, PTTI acting general manager Teguh Santoso and PTTI acting business development manager Andaru Gunawan.

Techenomics is keen to give all clients access to this complementary technology and plans to hold similar seminars across its network. As well as the WS2 technology, Techenomics is also happy to outline the many aspects of its total fluid management services, all aimed at giving engine and equipment operators maximum value for money from lubricants.


Chris Adsett says the WS2 additives act like ball-bearings between metal surfaces and exfoliate to repair micro-cracking and spalling in contact situations. They form a micro layer on metals to protect the working surfaces and prevent them from touching, which reduces friction, leadingto lower operating temperatures and reduced wear.

“The shape of the particles allows them to roll between the metal surfaces of engines, components and hydraulic equipment, reducing friction by up to 30%.
“The addition of these nano-sized particles to oil and grease improves the lubricating ability. Lower wear leads to longer component life, lower operating temperatures allow for more production and lower contaminants in the oil extend the oil’s life.


The NanoLub technology has been demonstrated to work with a wide range of oil and fluids in a variety of environments and in various operations.
“The WS2 technology complements the total fluid management solutions offered by Techenomics and our staff are only too pleased to discuss the applications and benefits with operators of engines, plant and equipment,” he says.

If you would like to find out more about the WS2 additives or Techenomics’ services by way of a seminar in your area or one-on-one advice, please contact Techenomics.

For information visit www.techenomics.net, contact Chris Adsett, c.adsett@techenomics.com;in Indonesia Teguh, teguh@techenomics.com;in Mongolia Sugraa, (sugraa@techenomics.com); or in Australia Leo Valenz, leo.valenz@techenomics.com.

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