Magnetic plug inspections crucial

Magnetic plug inspections

These photos from two mining operations dramatically illustrate the importance of using magnetic plugs as well as the need for regular and thorough inspections of mag plugs. If left unchecked the effectiveness of the plugs would be mitigated and the equipment operator would face the dire consequences of component or equipment breakdown.

Fluid management specialist Techenomics says regular and thorough inspections of magnetic plugs combined with analysis of the material thereon can reveal issues with equipment and can accurately predict trends, which allows operators to schedule work on individual components before they fail.

Techenomics provides magnetic plug inspection and assessment services which indicate if there are deleterious metals present or if sludge is going to lead to equipment issues.

The magnetic plug program conducted by Techenomics is a vital part of preventative maintenance programs and can be even more effective when combined with Techenomics’ oil analysis expertise.

magnetic plug inspections