Any job, anywhere, anytime – leave it to Techenomics

Oct 26, 2016 | fluid management, oil analysis

Any job, anywhere, anytime … leave it to Techenomics

Oil analysis keeps mining on the move

fluid management

From the massive engines powering the largest haul trucks to the small mechanical components of utility vehicles, the specialist and independent oil analysis carried out by Techenomics helps keep mining operations on the move. Any job, anywhere, anytime … Techenomics has the solutions for fluid management and condition monitoring.

Fluid management services

cummins-ot-engineTechenomics’ total fluid management solutions ensure that mine operators get more from the lubricants used in all moving components of vehicles, plant and equipment. The oil and fluid testing and analysis enable equipment operators to predict maintenance issues before they arise, thereby reducing downtime and costly repairs as well as increasing productivity and providing more value for money.

Techenomics specialises in fluid management and condition monitoring, and has established an impressive reputation through its years of experience in this field and by utilising the latest testing equipment in accredited laboratories operated by fully qualified staff.

The company’s CEO Chris Adsett says while these services are available elsewhere, for other providers oil analysis is just one component of a very wide range of services. “We are specialists in lubricant testing and analysis and can handle any job for any customer anywhere.

“As an independent provider, we do not operate on behalf of a provider of parts or other services. There is no compromise, our independence means that we work for our clients and provide analysis of their lubricants so that they can get more productive value from their equipment.


“Our independence, our experience, our expertise and our focus on the customer ensures that at Techenomics we are at least as good, and for the most part better, than all of the rest.”

He says evidence of the company’s total commitment to fluid management and to customer requirements is found in the fact that Techenomics provides oil analysis services for some of the Asia Pacific’s largest mines – from Mongolia to Indonesia – and in a variety of resources – from coal to copper/gold.

“Our services are helping keep the large Cummins engines in giant Komatsu haul trucks working smoother for longer, are helping keep the hydraulic components in mine plant and equipment digging dirt and processing minerals more consistently, and are ensuring that personnel can access all parts of a mine in their small utility vehicles more often.

“The oil and fluid analysis provided by Techenomics also ensures that the transportation of goods to and from the mines in trucks, trains and marine vessels is reliable, that equipment used to lift the goods to and from the transportation keeps working and that power to the mines and mining communities continues to flow. We cover the fluid management needs of the entire mining supply chain.”

Chris Adsett says Techenomics is always developing and testing new technology to ensure lubricants work better for longer and as part of this commitment is distributing nano-sized NanoLub tungsten disulphide additives throughout its network. “This technology has been developed by another company, NIS, but complements the services we provide and helps customers get more value from their oils and fluids.”

For information contact Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Teguh,; in Mongolia Sugraa, (; or in Australia Leo Valenz,

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