Fleet trial demonstrates WS2 benefits

Sep 19, 2016 | nano additives, WS2 additives

Fleet trial demonstrates WS2 benefits

chris-adsett-ceoTechenomics offers FREE trial to 20 councils
The success of a trial of tungsten disulphide (WS2) additives in engine oils by a regional council in New South Wales has prompted Techenomics to offer trials to other Australian councils, with the first 20 councils to take up the offer receiving the trial for FREE.

The trial on various fleet vehicles demonstrated an improvement in performance, reduction of harmful emissions and extended service intervals. As a result the regional council determined that it can save thousands of dollars annually while the trial also showed that the use of the NanoLub WS2 additives can reduce waste oil costs, equipment downtime, labour and lubricant inventory.

Techenomics is distributing NanoLub technology across Australia and its CEO Chris Adsett says that it has been proven to enhance the performance of oils and other lubricants, reduce friction, lower operating temperatures and decrease wear of metal components.

“The WS2 nano-sized additives can be used with a wide range of engine, gear and transmission oils as well as greases and other lubricants. This makes them ideal for use at councils and other organisations where there are fleets of vehicles and equipment of varying sizes and used for different purposes.

 tungsten disulphide additives - nano additives for engine performance

“The regional NSW council approached Techenomics to come in and look at rationalising what it was doing with a view to making fleet operations more efficient. It was dealing with 23 different oils and lubricants in its day-to-day operations.

“We recommended the council trial WS2 additives in engine oils on six vehicles, including a Ford Ranger, Hino light truck, Toro mower, Massey Ferguson tractor and two Hino medium trucks. The results showed evidence to support there was an improvement in performance, and a reduction of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen across all six vehicles.”


Chris Adsett says these same benefits can be achieved by other councils and fleet operators, and Techenomics is only too pleased to discuss how this technology works and demonstrate its significant benefits in engine, gear and transmission oils in existing fleet vehicles and plant items.

“We believe this technology can save councils thousands of dollars each year at a time when they are all looking to optimise operations and provide more value for money for ratepayers. As such, we are offering to conduct NanoLub trials with other councils around Australia and the first 20 councils to take up the offer will receive a totally free trial.”

Further information about the WS2 technology and the council trial offer is available from Techenomics – Chris Adsett (c.adsett@techenomics.com) or Leo Valenz (leo.valenz@techenomics.com or phone 02 6571 2699).

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