Getting the best from your oil

Jun 9, 2016 | fluid management, total fluid management

Getting the best from your oil

chris-adsett-ceoIt may sound simple to have oil testing and analysis carried out by an OEM as part of an overall equipment package, but it can be counter-productive. To get the most effective results from this vital maintenance component, it is more productive to get the work done by an independent specialist, according to Techenomics International.
“OEMs provide fluid management for their own benefit to support the provision of their own parts and services,” says Techenomics’ CEO Chris Adsett. “The work of OEMs in this regard is therefore, not solely aimed at providing longer life for fluids or components.”

The major difference between the services provided by Techenomics and those of the OEMs is independence, he says. “Techenomics is independent and works solely for the customer, no-one else. Fluid management is our area of expertise and we are committed to helping equipment operators get more performance and value from their oil, thereby increasing productivity in a cost effective manner.”

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For instance, he says, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not applicable for fluid management and condition monitoring. “No operation is the same as another and the time required between oil changes can vary greatly due to operating conditions. Variables include temperature, humidity, ground conditions, the type of work carried out, usage rates, etc.

“The best way to judge the need for a change is oil condition, not timeframes, and Techenomics’ innovative fluid management solutions accurately measure the condition of oil and fluids.


“Utilising Techenomics’ state-of-the-art testing and analysis equipment, its network of fully equipped and accredited laboratories staffed by qualified experts, its best-practice software and its partnerships with complementary technology providers ensures longer life for oil and fluids, thereby extending component life, reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity.

“Techenomics is committed to ensuring customers get the right advice to gain the most out of the oil and fluids they use in their revenue generating engines and equipment – we have no hidden agendas,” Chris Adsett says.

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