Mining must do things differently

May 12, 2016 | mining industry, nano additives, total fluid management

Mining must do things differently

chris-adsett-ceoThe difficult times being experienced by the mining industry mean that companies need to do things differently just to survive, according to Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett, and it is no longer feasible from a business point of view to say ‘we have always done it that way’.

“This attitude may have been alright during the boom times, but these days it no longer cuts the mustard and any company in the mining space that does not adapt to the times by adopting change risks going under,” he says.

“It is crazy to do things the same way and to then expect a different result, but far too many companies involved in the mining industry are doing just that.”

Techenomics is an independent condition monitoring and fluid management provider that is constantly seeking out new and better ways to service customers, thereby helping them to predict maintenance issues before they lead to costly downtime and loss of production.

As well as improving its own Total Fluid Management Solutions through innovation, Techenomics is always on the lookout for complementary technology to provide customers with better performance from oil and fluids as well as even greater value for money.

Total Fluid Management Solutions

Chris Adsett says an example of this is nano technology and Techenomics is seeing the benefits of using nano additives in oils used in various applications across the mining, construction, oil & gas, transport, marine and power generation industries.

“Through a distributor arrangement with Nanotech Industrial Solutions, Techenomics is combining its innovative analysis and testing methods with the nano additives that enhance the life of engine oils and reduce mechanical wear.


“The multi-layer tungsten disulphide nanospheres lower friction and heating, thereby reducing mechanical wear. Extreme pressure causes nanospheres to create a layer that attaches to surface crevices of metals, making them smoother, thus extending mechanical efficiency and equipment life.”

Chris Adsett says there is enormous opportunity to improve productivity by focusing on new processes, services and products but the mining industry needs to move outside the comfort zone that is not comfortable at all in these times, become less adverse to risk and adapt the technology that in many cases is already available.

He offers the following advice to any company involved in the mining industry: “Get out of your comfort zone by focusing on the future, looking outside the box and, most importantly, integrating innovation as it will make you more competitive.”

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