Technology key for coal and Techenomics

Mar 29, 2016 | mining industry, nano additives

Technology key for coal and Techenomics

1adsettCoal is here to stay as an energy source but the key to its success is development of low emission technology. Innovation along with the ongoing drive for efficiency and optimisation at exploration, mining, beneficiation and logistics levels will see coal miners survive the current industry downturn, and Techenomics International can play a role with its Total Fluid Management Solutions.

Australia and Indonesia are major coal industry players and Techenomics is involved with the industry in both countries as well as in Mongolia where coal is the primary source of energy. Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says the company is extremely well placed to enhance this involvement as the coal industry changes to meet different demands from users.

“Change is being forced on the industry by low prices, evolving markets and growing awareness of coal’s environmental footprint. Change is not to be feared and needs to be embraced by industry players if they are to survive,” he says.

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“Innovation, efficiency, optimisation and improved productivity will drive the future of coal and the mining industry in general and Techenomics can be a co-driver with its state-of-the-art fluid management solutions which include oil and fluid analysis, condition monitoring, and magnetic plug examinations.

“These services provide operators with a window into the internal workings of engines, components and hydraulic equipment, enabling them to accurately predict maintenance issues before they result in costly downtime for repairs or even replacement following equipment failure.”

Chris Adsett says Techenomics is constantly looking to new technology through development of its own products and services and through collaborating with complementary technology providers. “We recognise that the coal industry is constantly changing and we stay ahead of this change through technology which optimises operations and improves productivity.


“An example is the use of nano additives in oil to reduce wear of metals within engines and operating equipment, thus increasing performance of the oil and reducing maintenance of engines and components. Techenomics is distributing this state-of-the-art technology throughout its network to improve the services offered to customers.”

Although there have been many forecasting the demise of coal and its replacement by renewable energy, Chris Adsett says this process will take many years and coal will continue to play a leading role in the provision of energy, particularly in the growing industrial economies of India and Indonesia.

“Governments in many emerging nations have set ambitious targets for provision of electricity for large sections of the population that currently have no access to power for cooking, heating or cooling, and realistically there is only one way the targets can be met – through provision of power from coal-fired plants.

“As environmental concerns about coal use increase and legislation is implemented aimed at reducing emissions, it is important that the efficiency of coal-fired power plants is improved and the impacts of burning coal are reduced. To this end the continued development of low-emission coal technology is vital for the industry as are improvements in all aspects of the coal mining chain, including optimisation and productivity,” he adds.

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