Fluid analysis provides a health check

Mar 20, 2016 | fluid analysis, fluid management, fuel analysis, oil analysis

Fluid analysis provides a health check

chris-adsett-ceoOil and fluids are the lifeline of engines and hydraulic equipment and, like blood, can be analysed to ascertain if there are any health problems brewing. When there are any internal issues with mechanical equipment, fluids carry early warning signs which enable analysers, like Techenomics, to identify them before they cause costly downtime or even failure.

Oil, grease, coolant and fuel samples from engines, components and hydraulic equipment are checked and analysed by Techenomics using state-of-the-art technology, accredited laboratories, fully qualified staff and comprehensive testing, thus ensuring customers gain maximum benefit.

The advantages of using Techenomics to conduct your oil and fluid analysis are that the company is independent, is a fluid management specialist, has a global reach and provides solutions to issues before they impact on productivity and revenue.

oil-fluidThe company’s CEO Chris Adsett says the Total Fluid Management Services of Techenomics provide a window into the internal workings of engines and equipment, enabling operators to make more informed lubrication maintenance decisions.

“Our oil and fluid analysis tests measure a wide range of chemical, physical and performance properties. Test results are used for quality control, product development and product performance classification.

“The objectives of oil analysis are to evaluate the condition or age of oils in service; to detect and measure deleterious foreign suspensions or contaminants; and to evaluate the condition of the machine being lubricated.

“Apart from our independence and expertise, what really stands us apart from other providers is what we do with the data. With each sample received we combine the knowledge and experience of laboratory chemists and maintenance engineers to provide highly detailed information into the results. This could lead to prevention of component damage or engine failure.


“Techenomics also provides results in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format which is also designed for use with mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. Over time the results are trended and these trends provide aglimpse into what is happening in engines, components or hydraulic equipment without the need for costly downtime,” he adds.

Techenomics’ Blue Oceans software allows results to be uploaded and viewed at any time as well as providing trending data that permits clients to see the trends developing in their equipment over time. For more information about Techenomics and its oil and fluid analysis contact Chris Adsett, c.adsett@techenomics.com or Sugraa – sugraa@techenomics.com

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