Techenomics to distribute nano-formulated products

Feb 24, 2016 | IF-WS2 nanoparticles, liquid tungsten, nano additives, preventative maintenance

Techenomics to distribute nano-formulated products

chris-adsett-ceo2Techenomics International has been granted exclusive distributor rights in Oceania to state-of-the-art nano-formulated lubricants developed by US-based company Nanotech Industrial Solutions (NIS). Techenomics is also an authorised distributor of the technology in other countries in which it operates.

The NanoLub® IF-WS2 Nano-Formulated products developed by NIS complement the innovative condition monitoring and fluid management services provided by Techenomics, according to Techenomics’ CEO Chris Adsett.

The IF-WS2 Nano-Formulated product family is the first successful commercial implementation of inorganic, multi-layered fullerene-like nanoparticles in Extreme Pressure (EP) lubricants, based on patented and award-winning technology. These revolutionary particles were first developed in 1992 by Professor Reshef Tenne at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

NIS says NanoLub® operates a dual-effect mechanism – multi-layer tungsten disulphide nanospheres lower friction and heating, thereby reducing mechanical wear. Extreme pressure conditions causes nanospheres to create a tribofilm layer that attaches to surface crevices, making them smoother. This process extends mechanical efficiency and equipment life.


The technology, which is exclusively licensed to NIS for commercialization worldwide, has led to the IF-WS2 product family being awarded the prestigious Nano 50TM Award by Nanotech Briefs, publishers of NASA Tech Briefs.

“As well as adopting the latest technology for our Total Fluid Management Solutions, we are always looking to complementary technology, such as the nano additives developed by NIS. Techenomics believes that the cooperation agreement with NIS will result in clients gaining improved performance from their oil, leading to reduced costs and greater productivity,” Chris Adsett said.

The Total Fluid Management Solutions provided by Techenomics comprise oil analysis, fuel analysis, coolant analysis, and lubrication and filtration solutions. They are designed to predict maintenance issues in engines and hydraulic equipment before they result in costly repairs or component failure.

“Techenomics has the expertise and reach to deliver the IF-WS2 Nano Formulated lubricants to a wide range of customers in Oceania, Asia and beyond,” said NIS’ VP Global Sales and Marketing Todd Cawley.

NIS Corporation’s NanoMaterials Ltd VP Sales and Marketing Itsik Havakuk said, “Techenomics customers, among them transport operators, mining contractors, OEMs, vehicle manufacturers, mining equipment, fuel and services companies as well as manufacturing facilities, can now benefit from the enhanced machinery performance and reduced operation cost, made possible by our products.”

For further information about Techenomics or the nano-formulated products contact Chris Adsett, or Sugraa,

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