Innovation a key focus for Techenomics

Dec 8, 2015 | fluid management, nano additives

Innovation a key focus for Techenomics

Chris Adsett2As the mining industry struggles through the downturn, innovation is an important component of efforts by companies to reduce costs, increase productivity and gain value for money. Techenomics International is a mining equipment, technology and services (METS) company utilising technology to help the industry reduce oil consumption and reduce mechanical wear.

In the overall quest to reduce costs many mining companies are not taking innovation seriously, according to Techenomics’ CEO Chris Adsett. “They are turning their backs on examining options that may help them survive the downturn and grow into the future.

“As an independent company that has expanded from Australia into a number of overseas markets, including Indonesia and Mongolia, Techenomics is always looking at new, innovative ways to serve the fluid management needs of the mining industry. This includes developing new solutions through expert staff at our network of laboratories in Asia and Australia as well as examining possible partnerships with new technology providers.

“The quest to provide a more comprehensive service for clients means we will always look at new or improved technology, new products or additional services,” Chris Adsett says.


One way Techenomics is using innovation is through development of nano additives to improve lubrication and reduce mechanical wear.

These additives protect and extend engine life through mechanical means rather than chemical use, which deteriorates over time.
They help sustain a film of oil on the inner surfaces of engine components, continuously reducing wear metal generation and friction.

A nano­technology product Techenomics offers is NanoSure, an innovative carbon composite coating for heating, ventilation and air­conditioning equipment. It uses the latest nano­technology developed by US­based to increase energy efficiency, prevent corrosion and extend equipment life. The technology is available through Techenomics’ extensive network.


Techenomics’ maintenance management software program Blue Oceans is constantly being upgraded and developed to keep pace with the changing demands of the industry and the integration of new and advanced technology into the business.

Techenomics has also created a TechBlog site designed to give customers the tools to better diagnose analysis results and interpret data confidently and accurately. The site can help users lower operational costs and improve equipment reliability.

“The site uses the extensive knowledge of Techenomics’ staff and the company’s global spread of key laboratory facilities to give customers informative and accurate solutions to help them lower operational costs and improve the reliability of their equipment,” Chris Adsett says.

Techenomics has also developed an app for use in mobile devices, thereby providing easier access to its oil analysis results and trending data.

The technology focus is in line with the establishment of METS Ignited, an Australia-wide growth centre initiative aimed at lifting innovation, competitiveness and productivity by focusing on areas of competitive strength in the METS sector to help Australia transition into smart, high value and export focused industries.

METS Ignited chair Elizabeth Lewis-Gray says the vision is to lift exports from the sector from Aus$15 billion a year to $30 billion by 2030. The key objective is to drive excellence, not dependence and create an economy that ensures Australia’s ongoing prosperity. “Australia’s globally renowned mining industry is the ultimate beneficiary of these advanced research and development projects.”

For more information about Techenomics’ innovative solutions contact Chris Adsett, e-mail or Leo Valenz, e-mail

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