Techenomics’ data ‘best in business’

Dec 3, 2015 | Locomotive Testing, oil analysis

Techenomics’ data ‘best in business’

Chris Adsett2A vital factor in provision of oil analysis, according to rail maintenance expert Brian Brooks, is the trending data which enables users to track internal changes in the operation of engines and components, thereby predicting problems before they arise.

An effective oil analysis program is not just about the most recent reading, he says, as the rate of change in the engine or component can tell a user whether or not the equipment is in distress, therefore enabling oil analysis to serve as the last line of defence.

A retired railway rolling stock engineer in maintenance, Brian Brooks says the oil analysis data provided by Techenomics International is ‘the best in the business’. He has more than 37 years of experience in Oil Sampling | collection and extraction by Techenomics International, having worked for General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD), Downer EDI and other companies involved in rail.

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“What I like most about Techenomics is the way the data is presented. I looked at a number of companies that presented oil analysis data and Techenomics was the best I saw. They give you the most recent reading from the sample you just sent plus four previous readings so you can trend it … and all in an easy-to-read format on a single sheet of paper, on one page on a laptop screen, or on a mobile device.

“If an engine has gone from a low number to a high number, you know the engine is in distress and you have to do something quickly before it fails.”


Brian Brooks retired from fulltime work in 2012 but has been doing other work owing to a shortage of experienced rail engineers, including for another company that runs EMD and ALCO engines. This company is linked to a global company that also undertakes oil analysis as part of its overall business.

“I saw this service was not as comprehensive as it could be and they were using limits that applied to other engines, not EMD or ALCO engines which have many different characteristics. I put up a case to change to Techenomics but this was not possible owing to the arrangement with the shareholder.

“I endured the oil analysis reporting in a very unfriendly format and spent hours going through data because there was no knowledge of the history. It took a long time to carry out my work as I had to pore over different data sets and determine my own trendings.

“As a truly independent and specialised provider of oil analysis and fluid management services, Techenomics has the expertise, experience and technology to always provide trending data that you can trust.”

Brian Brooks says the things that stand out for himwith Techenomics’ data are the accuracy, the user-friendly and easyto understand manner in which it is presented, the trending capability, and the recommendations that indicate instantly what you need to be looking at.

“For the relatively small amount you pay for the expertise of Techenomics you get good value because you can predict issues before they lead to component or engine failure. It really is the last line of defence for engines.”

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