Nano additives support Techenomics technology

Oct 14, 2015 | fluid analysis, fuel analysis, liquid tungsten, nano additives

Nano additives support Techenomics technology

Chris Adsett2As part of its ongoing commitment to provide customers with more effective condition monitoring services, Techenomics International has exclusive access to nano additives which help extend oil life, boost engine performance and reduce fuel consumption.

The technology associated with nano additives complements the innovative condition monitoring services provided by Techenomics which predict fluid management issues before they lead to costly downtime. As an independent provider, Techenomics is constantly seeking new ways to provide customers with a complete condition monitoring package, including partnering with complementary technology providers.

The company’s CEO Chris Adsett says Techenomics monitors the technology developed and provided by other companies which complement its’ services and can help clients reduce costs related to fuel and oil consumption. “This has seen Techenomics form co-operation agreements or partnerships with like-minded providers and led to the company being granted access to nano technology in Australia, South East Asia, Northern Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.”

The value of the nano technology to engine performance was demonstrated in a three month trial conducted in Indonesia. Nano-sized tungsten di-sulphide additive in engine oil was trialed on a Komatsu HD 465-7 Dump Truck with a Cummins SAA6D 120 E-5 engine being used at a coalfield in East Kalimantan. The engine oil being used on the truck was Total Rubia T1R77400/ 15W-40, a super-premium diesel engine oil, and the fuel on the site was high Sulphur biofuel.


During the trial engine oil life was extended from the normal 500 hours to 717 hours, or 43%. Fuel consumption decreased by 4.7% due to lower operating temperatures and reduced friction. The trial also resulted in no increase in iron levels while TBN decreased but was still within limits at the end of the trial. The fuel burn rate decreased by 4.7% compared with the previous three months while engine speed increased by 3% and rear exhaust temperature decreased by 4%.

As well as having access to the latest technology, Chris Adsett says it is vital for fleet operators and equipment users to have independent accurate results and trends provided by Techenomics expert staff members who operate from ISON accredited laboratories. “We have built our reputation on maintaining the highest standards for the benefit of clients and will only introduce new technology from partner providers when it supports and complement our own technology.”

Trials are ongoing with this exciting new technology.

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