Techenomics takes on complementary technology

Sep 16, 2015 | oil analysis, oil filtration, preventative maintenance

Techenomics takes on complementary technology

Chris Adsett2Techenomics International uses innovative methods and the latest technology to ensure effective condition monitoring services which predict fluid management issues before they lead to costly downtime. As such, the company is constantly seeking new ways to provide a complete package for customers, including partnering with complementary technology providers.

Techenomics’ CEO Chris Adsett says the company monitors technology provided by other companies which complement Techenomics’ services and help clients reduce costs related to fuel and oil consumption. “Where applicable, we consider forming co-operation agreements or partnerships with like-minded providers.”

One partnership Techenomics is developing to help ensure efficient and smooth running of engines is with PT FTS Indonesia, the distributor of micfil filters in Indonesia. The companies are co-operating with their innovative and complementary technologies in Indonesia and Chris Adsett says Techenomics is considering expanding the micfil co-operation to Mongolia, Australia and its other markets.

“Micfil filters provide cleaner fuel, oil and fluids to help engines and hydraulic equipment work more efficiently while Techenomics’ fluid management and fluid analysis services predict maintenance issues before they become major problems, thus ensuring more reliable and productive use of engines and equipment.

“The micfil filters are being used at a number of mining and industrial sites in Indonesia and are boosting cleanliness of fuel, oil and other fluids. Techenomics uses its fully qualified experts and network of ISON accredited laboratories to analyse fluid samples, compile accurate results and provide meaningful trends.

“The partnership with micfil is a good match for Techenomics’ proven analysis services,” he says.


The micfil filters, which utilise renowned German technology, are being used successfully at a biodiesel filter plant, have been installed on a bus operating regularly between Java and Bali, and are in use at a number of mining and industrial applications throughout Indonesia.

At the biodiesel plant the micfil filter system is capable of filtering 87,000 litres per hour and is ensuring very clean biodiesel, with cleanliness levels well below the required ISO standard.

In a mining application micfil filters are being trialled in dump trucks and have helped reduce iron and soot build-up. The mining company estimates that if all 112 dump trucks had a micfil filter installed for lube oil, the overall saving each year would be about US$1.4 million based on 1000 hour oil changes.

The company says one of the biggest savings is reduced down time “as when the truck is due for an oil change it is taken out of production and has to cool down before oil change. Instead of doing this 32 times per year it will only be eight times a year.”

Chris Adsett says it is vital for fleet operators and equipment users to have independent accurate results and trends which Techenomics provides. “The ISON accreditations stand us apart from some other laboratories set up by OEMs which are primarily looking after the interests of the OEMs.

“This expertise is complemented by Techenomics’ focus on innovation as well as by partnerships with like-minded companies and supportive technology such as micfil.”

For information about Techenomics and its emphasis on innovation, contact Chris Adsett (email or Jim Ellison (email

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