Techenomics turns data into effective maintenance

Sep 2, 2015 | oil analysis

Techenomics turns data into effective maintenance

Chris Adsett2While oil analysis is a commonly used tool for ensuring efficient running of engines, the diagnosis of results and data generated from this process makes all the difference in preventing costly component failure. As an innovative, specialised and independent fluid management provider, Techenomics International ensures that clients receive the optimum benefits from oil analysis.

Oil analysis is used to view the properties of lubricants and the presence of deleterious wear particles and debris from within engines. Without accurate and expert diagnosis, an engine problem can easily go unnoticed until it reaches the point of failure or even total destruction.

engine-pistonOil analysis providers supply clients with automated or manual reports but the way these reports are interpreted and the data is trended can mean the difference between effective, predictive maintenance programs and costly component problems, which lead to production downtime and costly repairs.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says oil condition reports normally state the obvious and after reading a number of these reports you will start to notice similarities that if trended could mean something entirely different to what you initially believed.

“When elements are trended together and common patterns or similarities found, you have started to establish a proactive maintenance strategy. Further diagnoses should lead to common failure points from within engines or other lubricant compartments and components.”


He says most laboratory staff, engineers, maintenance staff, equipment owners and others who get oil analysis results provided to them may simply not have the time to use analytics to interpret this data.

“Besides this, it is a highly specialised area, which is where Techenomics can turn this data into and effective, time-saving and cost reducing maintenance program. “Using its innovative equipment and fully qualified expert staff, Techenomics has established a team of dedicated personnel known as failure analysis technicians (FAT).

“You can simply hire a FAT from Techenomics to have analytical work performed on your oil analysis data to ensure that lubrication issues and engine problems do not go unnoticed and that recurrences do not continue,” Chris Adsett says.

The image of a piston indicates the damage that can occur and which can be prevented by using Techenomics’ innovative analysis methods and its specialised expertise.

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