Clean fluids mean improved operations

Apr 28, 2015 | customer service, FLAC, fuel analysis, oil analysis

Clean fluids mean improved operations

jason-and-sam2A complete contamination control audit of fuel, lubricants, air and coolants (FLAC) can help ensure the delivery of clean fuels and oils to production processes, thereby reducing unnecessary equipment downtime and improving productivity.
These audits are an important component of the comprehensive oil analysis and fluid management services provided by Techenomics International.

Due to the complexity and cost of modern capital equipment, Techenomics’ CEO Chris Adsett says it is vital for companies to ensure that fuels and lubricants used in their operations are clean.

“Cleanliness can prevent or reduce component failure, reduce downtime and minimise the cost of repairs. Techenomics’ filtration services assist companies with the design and installation of a range of fuel and oil filtration solutions. Techenomics provides comprehensive condition monitoring and contamination control audits. These audits are used to develop and implement operational practices for delivering clean fuels and oils to production processes, as well as provide an environmentally friendly workplace,” he says.

Techenomics International experts in Australia, Indonesia and further afield have extensive knowledge of contamination control. Audits are conducted to find causes of dirt or water ingress, design faults, incorrect procedures, handling and storage methods that can all lead to unnecessary high cleanliness readings.


Staff proceed with an appropriate plan and method of achieving exceptional cleanliness levels, dependent on lubricant type and use. The audit may recommend changing or placement of delivery points on bulk tanks, pipe fittings, breather replacements, pump replacements, filters, dispensing methods and fittings, and inline filtration systems right down to waste removal.

Techenomics has carried out audits in Indonesia, Laos, New South Wales and Queensland, and has recently completed a contamination control audit at Abbot Point Coal Terminal in Bowen, Queensland.


Two experienced staff members, Australian operations manager Sam Kurup and FLAC supervisor Jason Davis, spent three days onsite with the first day spent familiarising themselves with site policies, procedures and safety guidelines. Sam Kurup, who managed the audit, said the following two days were spent taking samples, inspecting equipment and storage areas, viewing procedures and analysis records, and performing the site audit.

“A comprehensive report was then prepared which indicated that lubrication practices needed to be updated with future and more recommended practices,” he said. “The ultimate goal was to lower contamination and particle levels prior to and within the operating in-service fluids. The audit showed that once this was carried out it would lead to great rewards, such as improved reliability, lowered costs on parts replacement and an overall reduction in maintenance costs.”

After receiving the audit report, Sam Kurup said that the Abbot Point operators stated: “The audit is very thorough and highlights many issues for concern that we can start working on straight away.”

Chris Adsett says, “Utilising a dedicated team, Techenomics can assist companies in developing a world-class contamination control program which in the past has seen some of our clients reduce lubrication related failures by 80%, greatly improve the availability of plant and equipment, reduce oil spend and reduce the volumes of waste hydrocarbons being removed from site.”

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