Regular oil analysis can boost production

Apr 5, 2015 | News, oil analysis, preventative maintenance

Regular oil analysis can boost production

As_I_See_It_Cost_PieRegular oil analysis is a vital component of a preventative maintenance program for all equipment, machinery and vehicles that rely on oil for lubrication. Specialist oil analysis and fluid management provider Techenomics International says it is an important tool that can identify root causes, failure symptoms and faults, thus reducing downtime, increasing productivity and providing value for money.

Maintenance personnel are able to easily utilise Techenomics’ advanced oil analysis technologies to anticipate failures of lubricant properties and equipment components. Life extensions on lubricants and components can be achieved by utilising the analytical fluid results.

Techenomics’ CEO Chris Adsett says in order to receive maximum benefits from oil analysis, it is important to understand the oil analysis fundamentals, the sampling techniques and the analysis results. “Only then can clients fully comprehend the extent of the benefits and savings that are associated with oil analysis and hydrocarbon management.”

Benefits that can be gained from regular oil analysis include:

  • Reduced downtime on equipment;
  • Reduced compartment componentry;
  • Reduce labour on repairs;
  • Reduced lubricant usage;
  • Reduced lubricant waste;
  • Reduced environmental impacts;
  • Increase in productivity;
  • Increased componentry life; and
  • Increased availability rates.

“When it comes to analysing results received from lubricant sample tests, clients need to track and trend the results so that patterns from within the history can be established,” Chris Adsett says.

As part of its oil analysis package Techenomics provides the online Blue Oceans software program that enables clients to easily trend the data in an easy to use and easy to read manner. Techenomics also provides regular free training seminars for maintenance personnel to learn about the comprehensive benefits of regular oil analysis, how to gather oil samples and how to read and trend the data obtained from the tests.

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