Filter Barrels Eliminate Breather Issues

Clogged breathers can lead to costly gearbox faults but Techenomics has designed a Filter Barrel that eliminates breather issues. The Filter Barrel stops breather clogging thus enabling the breather to perform the job as designed.

Breathers are an important component in any gearbox. They allow heat to escape and cooling air to enter the system, thereby preventing unnecessary overheating. This issue can lead to other problems, including higher viscosity, which causes accelerated wear as the oil loses its ability to lubricate the internal gears, shafts and bearings.

Breather problems can be caused by splashback of oil, outside air moisture and dirt ingress that can all lead to clogging of the filter. A clogged breather causes internal gearbox pressure to build up until it escapes through oil seals. This allows outside dust and contaminants to enter the system, which also cause unnecessary wear.

The Techenomics Filter Barrel stops oil splashback from travelling back up the system and reaching the breather. This helps the breather draw in and push out air as required, thus controlling the temperature and allowing smooth airflow.

As well as helping the breather perform its duties, the Filter Barrel stops the build-up of pressure in the system, thereby stopping the seals from blowing out. It also stops the temperature increase of the oil, thus allowing the oil to lubricate the internal gearbox components.

Filter Barrels are easy to install and never require changing. The one-off cost saves wear and life on gearboxes, prevent breather replacements, and lowers oil consumption.

For further information, please contact sreejith.b@techenomics.com or c.adsett@techenomics.com